Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mamas on a Playdate

This weekend was a celebration. A celebration of soon to be born twins, my beautiful best friend Debbie, and the great friendship we have been so blessed together. These girls, these amazing strong women that I have forged a bond so strong. Possibly the strong relationship of my life.

The shower was wonderful. We ate a delicious spread and enjoyed oh so yummy cake while oohing and aahing over tiny baby gear. We laughed and hugged friends and family. And we anxiously looked to our night of fun ahead of us. You see, since Tracey was coming to town and spending the night at Jen's for the shower, we somehow got it in our ends to have a slumber party. A slumber party!! When's the last time I attended one of those? Surely in middle school. With promises not to freeze anyone's underwear for being the first to fall asleep (good thing for Amy too!), we put plans in motion to have a slumber party at Jen's!

Between the shower and the party, Tracey and I got to have some time hanging out. First, we stopped at the HFC office for her to see everything. Tracey is one of my biggest supporters of what I do and why, so it was incredibly special for me to give her the grand tour of the office. Back at my house, we watched the news stories that ran during Allie's illness as well as the memorial video shown at her funeral. I choked back the tears and watched as my little girl pointed out her sister and all her family members as each picture changed on the screen. Maggie has no problem spotting Allie. Tracey--thank you so much for spending that time with us yesterday. I'm so lucky to have a friend that so completely supports what I do for a living and who loves me for me. How incredibly lucky am I that I found four such friends?

After a quick stop at my mom's to drop off the Munchie for her overnight time with "Ga-Ga," we drove a quick tour of the Dallas rich houses and returned to Jen's house for more fun. We were up late in our jammies. We ate leftover shower food (read--more cake!), had an interesting "toy" presentation from a lady older than my mother and after politely kicking her out, settled in for a perfect chick movie. By the time we all headed towards Jen's room to decide sleeping arrangements of the two air mattresses and king bed, we quietly talked until the last one fell asleep. Amy and I were apparently the snorers of the group. Did you know that if someone is snoring in their sleep the appropriate action to take is to throw a cat on them? Ask Deb and Megan, it is. Don't mess with two pregnant chicks functioning off of little sleep and lots of chocolate covered strawberries!

I wish I could fully describe the fun. Sadly, the Nyquil I took over an hour and a half ago for the raging cold I now have is clouding the look of the computer screen. No, I promise it isn't a hangover. Because even after five drinks, I still never even felt a buzz. I blame the bartender. Guess that is what I get for having a pregnant girl doing the mixing. She couldn't taste test!

I had a wonderful time. Thank you to my great girlfriends for your friendship and companionship this weekend.

And now for pictures:

The seven of us all still dressed up! From left--Megan, Jen, Tracey, me, Deb, Heather, and Amy

This picture cracks me up!! Really--did I ever look as good as Deb and Megan pregnant? No, and certainly not with cute braided pigtails to match.


Anonymous said...


I cherish our friendship, and consider it a priority. Thank you for sharing HFC and Allie cat with me - you know I adore you and your family.

Sisters from a different mother...

nodnarB! said...
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nodnarB! said...

Let me offer up some captions for the first picture.

"Hands On a Hot Momma"


"Hands On a Hot Belly"

Just my opinion...although I may be a bit biased.

Adrianne said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! Thanks for sharing!

Megan Williamson said...

The flying cat..that was all my evil idea. Sweet Deb's solution was to take another pillow and cram it over her ears to drown out the noise.
Not I, for some reason at four in the morning suggesting to her to send the cat flying over to the direction of the snoring girls seemed to make so much more sense.

Sugar Photography said...

my poor kitty

she hasn't come out of the bathroom since y'all left

now I know why...

I'll be sending out a bill for kitty therapy. or kitty prozac. or both. to help her get over her kitty post traumatic stress disorder.


Debbie said...

Seeeee...Megan is the evil one!! hahhaha!! But I did follow through and execute her plan. I like her way of thinking!!! It was a blast!! Love you!!

Elle said...

Looks like you gals had a wonderful time!

Andrea said...

How fun! A girls night out!! You look like you had a blast!