Monday, February 18, 2008

3 lbs Down---Many More to Go

First week success! Since being called obese, I've kicked it into high gear and gotten my act together. Less than 1550 calories per day, thirty minutes or more of exercise, lots of water and plenty of motivation. And it worked!! I've lost three pounds so far!! I'm so excited!

I'm aching in muscles I didn't know I had. Luckily, I'm no longer limping like I was on Friday! I have more energy. Now equipped with the bodybugg to measure my calories burned, and more personal training sessions, I'm ready to kick some butt!

Oh goodness, I hope I can keep this up!


hilary said...

Congrats! That is wonderful!

Nancy said...

you can do it Jenny. I'm your age, well I don't hit the dredded #30 until later this year. Last march I weighed 185 and I'm 5'3". I did EXACTLY what you are doing. I ate less than 1600 calories a day and I took karate classes. Now, just shy of one year later I weigh 133. It is simple math. Eat less calories than your body burns in one day and you WILL lose weight. I recommed weighing yourself first thing in the morning everyday. Well go pee first, you don't need all that extra weight in there :0). It is so encouraging to see the scale go down a little everyday... even if it is only a half a pound. Keep it up Jenny. I promise it WILL work.

Kelly said...

That is so awesome. I admire your determination. I'm curious about that bodybugg. Keep us posted!!

LIBSMOM said...

Congratulations on your success!! I'm embarking on a weight loss journey too, having the lap band procedure next Tuesday.
Honestly, I think the term obese is a little extreme for you!! I've been following your journey for, gosh, forever! and I've never thought you were obese!!!
Anyway, great luck and keep focused on your goal. We'll be healthy in '08 together!!

kat said...

That's fantastic - congrats on the weight loss! I love the first couple of weeks of dieting & exercise...seeing the scale go down is so encouraging. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you Jenny!! I just started my weight loss journey too--- I am down 10 pounds. You can definitely keep it up- So excited for you!!!

PS.. Love the new furniture -its beautiful!

Carolein said...

Hey Jenny!

Congratulations! Way to go! If I can make a suggestion, those little 100 calorie snack packs are GREAT! I always keep them in the car for emergencies, when I'm ravenous but refusing to go get fast food. They're only 100 calories and are soooo yummy!



Theresa said...

Congrats on the loss...YEAH!!! I too am on a weight loss journey it is tough but this time I am determined. I have found a ton of blogs regarding weight loss and they have been so inspiring. I have been following your blog for a loooong time and now I have more of a reason to check frquently. Good luck and congrats again.