Saturday, February 23, 2008


1. Maggie was terrible at gymnastics today. She threw fit after fit, chucked her body to the ground, and refused to participate in any activity. We left early with her screaming out the door.

2. Down five pounds as of now.

3. Hoping to lose a minimum of thirty more. Five doesn't sound like so much when talking about all that I really need to lose.

4. Bought new dress today. I have a big underwriting/live auction party in Houston Monday night.

5. Stressed at work. Overwhelmingly stressed. Loving my job, but still stressed.

6. Got to see the babies in the NICU last night. Ella--simply beautiful. Beck--a little old man! Both of them are just wonderful. Getting stronger everyday. Hopefully, they will be coming home soon!

7. My dog stinks. Stinks bad. I've got to get her to the groomer.

8. I worked more than fifty hours last week even with taking a day and a half off. That's a lot of working!

9. I worked out four times last week. That is probably more than I have done the three MONTHS before this month! I'm feeling good too. Don't feel like I'm on a diet at all.

10. If someone else tells me that it's about making a "lifestyle change," I might chuck something at them. I realize it's a lifestyle change. I realize that I have to change my habits. I realize that if I keep eating the same crap I will not have good results. Fully aware of these facts, people.


Kelly said...

So glad to hear my daughter wasn't the only one throwing fit after fit today. Our day has been a nightmare!! I'd say it was the weather or the water or something but you live in Texas and we are in California so it's got to be something bigger than that. Like the moon maybe. LOL

Congratulations on your weight loss!!

Leah said...

I love that dress!
I think it would be easier to diet if we didn't tell our friends or family. Then if you happen to treat yourself to something that is not on the list they will not say anything!

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY, Its got to be somethin in the toddler water they're all drinking! The two and a half year old I nanny for laid down and proceeded to scuh-ream as we left the play center tonight. wow. lol

Way to go with the excercise regimen, you're a rockstar ;)

aiden's mama said...

LOVE the dress! You went to the gym only four times and lost five pounds! Thats great!! I'm on mission to get back to my pre-Aiden weight 123, HA! The sound of that number is just nuts! I have my fingers crossed! I'm sure you will make your goal! I'm standing by you!

Elena said...

Congrats on the 5 lbs! Every bit counts. Awesome dress! Gorgeous babies! Hoping they get to come home soon!

Anonymous said...

Jenny - you crack me up! I love the way you tell it like it is. Hope Maggie is feeling better soon!!

Mary Beth said...

Congrats on the weight loss! It seems daunting...but not impossible!

And go YOU on working out four times last week! Hoo-RAH!

Becca in Texas said...

That lifestyle change lecture is so bogus. Yes I know eating cookies and laying on the couch is not a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much genius for pointing that out. Way to go on the loss.

Soltana said...

I TOTALLY agree with #7!!!!

Our pooch is going next week..

Congrats on the weight...:)

Janette said...

It might be easier to think of the weight loss this way:

You have a goal of losing 5 lbs, 6 times. You've already hit it once, now you just need to look forward to the next five. Or 10 lbs 3 times..whatever works best for you.

I pledged to myself to get healthy this year and that involves losing 200+ lbs. That's so intimidating when I look at it like that, so I'm just going with 10 lbs a month. That's all I focus on.

Seeds Of Love said...

5 lbs is amazing!!! I celebrated losing 1 pound, it took me so long to get it off!!! You're doing great!

Jennifer said...

Oh - I have to say, your random post made me chuckle. It reminds me so much of my life day in and day out. Screaming children, losing 5 lbs. when there is still MANY more to go, always stress at work (I work in Human Resources, so I totally understand!!!) Trust me - you aren't alone, and my chuckling wasn't laughing at was more of one of those I can too well relate. Hang in there. :)

snekcip said...

Wow and I'm wincing at the fact MY VERY DETERMINED 10 1/2 month old couldnt possibly be showing me MAJOR ATTITUDE at this tender age!! This child is so determined and no matter how many times I remove the object she STILL has a "built in navigation" somewhere in that little body that she KNOWS just where the remote control, the phone, the cellphone, etc are at! She heads to these same destination, day after day after day! Is this the ONSET OF TODDLER OCD....the world may never know!!!

Okay I REALLY NEED TO KNOW, is there anything on the market for a STINKY DOG other than a groomer every other day! This dog takes more baths than a human (LOL)! Our schnauzer SMELLS all the time! We bath the poor dog constantly! Help!!!!! Any suggestions out there in blogland?