Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Wanna play Play Doh me??"

With a tilt of her head and a stroke of your arm, Maggie gently asks me two or three times daily, "Wanna play Play Doh me??" Really, how do you resist that? How can you say no to the cutest that is my little girl? It's really damn hard, I promise you that.

Our sweet little one is talking like crazy! Her language skills have exponentially grown in the last month. She speaks in complete sentences. She can very clearly express her needs. She has great manners--saying thank you without prompting and working on "yes ma'am" and "yes sir." She knows our names, even calling me Jenny the other day! She knows the "real" names of many of her loved ones--Mama, Daddy, Ga Ga, Mom Mom, Bobby (though she refuses to say Debbie!), Nana, Papa Jim (not a hard one there!). She likes to go through the lists of all her family and talk about their relationships to her.

It's amazing to me to watch her grow in this way. I love this little girl so very much. She is a treasure every day. She brings us more joy than I could have ever imagined, and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

Our nights are filled with fun and laughter. Some things Maggie is currently into:

**Wiggles!! Her love for Dora the Explorer has been replaced by four grown Australians. She is obsessed with the Wiggles and watches every day.

**Pigtails! She requests "piggie tails" every morning for her hairstyle. And then she prances in front of the mirror to show off her great do.

**Princesses. Maggie loves to dress up. We play "Princess Maggie" every night. Her favorites are Belle and Snow White, or BelleSnowWhite in our household. She has them as small figurines, Barbies, and baby dolls. She likes to carry all of them together and take them with her places.

**Her "Sparkle Shoes"--with two different colors to choose from, Maggie is rarely without a pair of glitter ballet flats on her feet. She wears a school uniform everyday (it's so cute!!), so I let her choose her shoes. Hot pink sparkle shoes are usually the pick of choice, though I can convince her to go red that match her uniform at least once or twice a week.

And more than anything else right now...

**Her Daddy!!! She told me the other day when I went to get her in the morning, "No, I don't want you. I want my DADDY!!" She turns to me every day and tells me tht Daddy needs to do whatever it is she is wanting. She squeals with delight at the very sight of him. She snuggles up to him every night, nestled in his arms. She refuses kisses and love from me, but welcomes him whole heartedly. What a Daddy's Girl!

She points out to us on a daily basis that she is NOT a baby--she's a girl. A HOT Girl.


Jennifer said...

Awww Jenny, I loved this post. Maggie is getting so big, and she sounds like a lot of fun! Her HOT GIRL comment was hysterical.

My daughter prefers her daddy too, and shes six, so it isn't something they outgrow.

Looking forward to more great posts. :)


Kelly said...

I'm so glad to read that MY daughter isn't the only one who refuses her mother's affection at times. It makes me so sad (and I know I shouldn't let it get to me) when she won't give me a kiss or a hug and prefers Daddy. It's so refreshing to find out that this is normal.

Carolein said...

Too cute Jenny! Like Maggie, my own 2 year old son calls my husband Jay and LOVES the Wiggles so much that they are an every day part of our lives too. 13 years of school + 2 years of college = knowing every single Wiggles song by heart, LOL. And lately, he's been preferring Daddy to Mommy.......oh the joys of being 2!


Carolein and family

Elena said...

We have custody of our grandson who's the same age as Maggie, born 10/18/05. It's not any different...he LOVES his Papa, and Grammy is only good enough when Papa's not there or he can't get what he wants from Papa. However, he does tell everyone that he's GRAMMY'S Punkin Butt! (I know that's not how to spell pumpkin, but that's how he says it.) Papa is a police officer and works nights, so he comes home at 6am. Logan has to have his morning snuggle time or I kid you not, he's totally a brat all day long. We've even "experimented" with mornings of cartoons with Papa and mornings of letting Papa sleep...and it proved that those Papa morning's are a necessity to keep him being the sweetie that he usually is! We should get the kids together sounds like they'd have a great time!

hepmomto3 said...

I was typing something into my browser and I got a brief glimpse of "scotthousehold". Figured I'd check in on Maggie. My word is she getting big! Absolutely beautiful!

aiden's mama said...

So cute! Hot girl. Love it! Aiden is 4, and every time I say that I love him, he will say " I love daddy" Every time, even if it's just me and him snuggling watching tv, you know those moments, I'll try to trick him into say he loves me too. NOPE! I love daddy.

Mary Beth said...

She is just scrumptious! Love the Maggie'isms! :)