Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll be holding babies soon

Can I tell you how excited I am? Can I tell you how many times I have told Debbie how excited I am?? Tomorrow, my great friend increases her beautiful family by two more little babies. It was a surprise this week to find out that the little ones were coming sooner than expected. She is just getting too big and risking her body with keeping them longer.

I'll be at the hospital in the morning, waiting patiently (ok--not so patiently) outside in the waiting room during her procedure. I told Jen that I am more than slightly jealous that she gets to be in the room. But then again, we're going to have amazing photos of the moment of them entering the world.

Tonight I am thinking of my incredible friend, her awesome husband, and two beautiful children (my gorgeous godchildren). I cannot be more thrilled for you, Deb and Brandon. I'm so happy for the love you two have found in each other and the happiness you bring to us all. Thank you for opening your lives to me and sharing this experience of your twins all the way through. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. And to my godchildren--you're going to be the best big brother and sister these little guys could ever ask for. Aunt Jenny loves you both VERY much!


jen said...

if I give you one of my cameras, can you be my assistant? ;)

Anonymous said...

So excited for Deb, Brandon, the two big siblings, and my Dallas girls.

Must plan a weekend in March when I can come up and visit the newest members of the Posse.

And I will never, ever forget their birthday. :)

Shannon said...

Such exciting new for you! (and Deb of course!)

Sending you wonderful thoughts and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Being a Sugar Assistant sounds like a cool idea!! Congratulations Aunt Jenny- and of course, Deb& Brandon!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Already? How is it that those babies are coming already? I hope all goes well today for Deb and the babes... prayers they are all healthy and happy by tonight. How exciting for you all!