Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bedtime Silliness

Oh my funny little Maggie. She is so funny about her nighttime routine. Here's what it looks like:
  • Two lights must be on. Her lamp that she touches the base to turn on as she shouts "Me DO IT!!" and her nightlight.
  • Necessary allergy meds. Nights don't go well without.
  • Her bed is absolutely covered in toys, dolls, stuffed animals, little friends she has. Two Snow White dolls--one plush and one Barbie--two Belle dolls (next verse same as the first), "Dragon" (her prize from a game at Six Flags), Baby Beck and Baby Ella dolls that go with us everywhere, the babies' milk and juice bottles (she is a great little mother, even remembering to take them potty all the time!), all the tiny princess figurines she owns, and a bunch of other little things as well. It's just a little toddler bed! I'm amazed at how she fits!
  • We read SEVEN books. In order. There is no deviating from this. Must begin with the "George book" about Curious George's trip to the zoo and must end with the counting teddy bear book. During the Dora Halloween book, she has to exclaim "Ooh, scary!" when opening every.single.solitary.flap. There are the same little things we do for each book, liking pinching each others cheeks as we say, "Broccoli" in the silliest voice we can make while reading the doggie book of how the puppy likes to cook with his sister.
  • She likes to be covered up under an array of blankets. Usually between four and five and finishing off with a large white blanket with Andrew's company logo on it.
  • And then comes our time to make an exit. There is a lot of exclaiming of "No, Ish You" which is her expression she uses to ask to be held. Once she understands that she must stay in her room and I'm leaving, she's good. It's playtime, you know.
  • And this is where the funniest part comes in. The shoes. Yes, my daughter gets out of her bed to pick out the perfect pair of shoes. She sleeps in the shoes. And you never know what shoes she will have on when you go to get her in the morning. It might be hot pink "sparkle" shoes. Could be her white flower sandals, or possibly as it was this morning, a pair of shoes too small for her feet that she dug out of a box in her closet. Rainboots, slippers, well, you get the picture.
  • Depending on whether she is wearing her jammies of pants and a shirt (typically Old Navy jammies--she loves them) or her nightgown, she will spice up the outfit a little as well. For example, my sweet little thing is currently wearing a princess nightgown with her bathing suit bottoms over the diaper (backwards I might add because heaven forbid she allowed Mama to help), socks pulled up as far as she can get them, and her monkey slippers.

My silly little girl. Oh, and how am I greeted every morning by this ball of sunshine? "No, not YOU! My DADA coming!!" And then I get to break the news that her "Dada" has already left for the day.

Side note--I had to take a break in typing this entry tonight due to our tornado siren in our city going off for the second time in one week! We had to all pile in our closet once again (Maggie kept giggling about Brandy being in the closet with us) to take quick shelter. All is ok in our city now, but North Texas is getting pummelled with hail, wind, rain throughout the Metroplex right now. Hope that everyone in our area is safe tonight!!


Amy said...

I can't believe Maggie is in a toddler bed already!

Glad the tornado siren was nothing but a siren and you are all o.k.!

Amy and Miss Maggie (who will be 5 next week!)

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. Both of my little girls (3&5) have some of the same rituals EVERY night. All of the stuffed animals and dolls, books and blankets. It is just amazing to me if you try to forget one thing they are very quick to correct you on it.

Glad to hear everyone is okay during the tornado. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!

Jen in GA.

GoSuze! said...

One should not stand in the way of a woman's need to accessorize!

By the way...did you notice that all TV channels had constant weather coverage when the storm was around Mineral Wells, Fort Worth, into Dallas...but then when the storm hit Plano and the sirens went off, all channels had returned to regular Thursday night programming? Not.Funny.At.All!

I really enjoy your site, Jenny!!

(Kerner girl)

Betsey said...

I've been following your site for a long time and had to respond to the pink shoes. I've got two boys so pink doesn't happen in our house. One of my co-workers has girls who come to see her in their cracks me up.

You're a great writer and I enjoy reading your posts.

Kelly said...

I can only imagine how adorable that was with her in her crazy outfit. Next time be sure to take a picture (and please share!!)!! These are memories you don't want to forget!!

Staci Cook said...

SEVEN books? Wow! You have lots of patience, Mama! :) My girls are good to get one book out of me. Lately, they have been reading their OWN books at bedtime though, so that's been fun.

Julianna and Reagan's beds are covered in their toys too: Fifty or so Webkinz, American Girl dolls, and a few Barbies added to the mix. My girls sleep on top of their bedspreads (I don't know why) and they are covered with two blankets that we received from the oncology office: one is Elmo and the other one is hot pink with lime green flowers. We got the Elmo one on "diagnosis day" and the hot pink one was given to us by Dr. Goldman when Julianna puked all over herself at the office one day. The blankets are lush and thick - no wonder bedtime is incomplete without them. :)

mrsvanoven said...

How ADORABLE! I totally miss that age, Brynn is 4 now, and doesn't do too many quirky cute things anymore!!

Ginny said...

How adorable! That post had me chuckling the whole way thru. I had to laugh because I used to sleep with shoes on when I was little. Especially if I had just gotten a new pair of shoes..they did NOT come off my feet. lol

My three year old little boy sleeps in a twin bed and is lucky he has the guard rails on it. He has the entire length of the bed absolutely stuffed with his "friends", as he calls them. Every stuffed animal he's ever been given, and most of his favorite books. He doesn't even have any room to roll over. But just try to move some of them down to the end of his bed....he ain't havin' none of that! Such a funny age.

Hope everyone has remained safe during the storms! Scary!

Dana said...

Maggie is so cute! Although I've never met you guys, I can always picture Maggie in the entries you write, and she is mighty cute!!