Friday, April 25, 2008

Giraffe Loving

Given that I've managed a blog every day this week, I thought I would keep it up. No guarantee how long this will continue. Certainly not willing to commit to anything definite! But I've been enjoying my blog and will write as much as I can.

So here goes:

  • I'm working from home this morning until I head out to Maggie's school. We have Teddy Bear Picnic this morning. Maggie is so excited! She knows that both her parents are coming for her special lunch at school, and she marched off with her teddy bear happily in her arms. Andrew and I have a rule that Maggie will never be without at least one parent present for these type of activities. It isn't always possible for us to both be there, but we make our best efforts. Andrew did the Thanksgiving lunch and I did Valentine's candy party. We both went to the Easter event and Christmas party. There are quite a few children that are without any parents and I am always sad for that. As working parents, I know that it is a challenge for us to get there. I in no way judge those parents for missing. I know that there may come a time when I have to as well. I just try to play with those children as well.
  • I say I'm working from home, but I'm stopping to blog and watch a little tv in the background. I'm watching a show on Animal Planet called "Growing up Giraffe." I have a love for giraffes. Allie instilled that in me. There are the most beautiful creatures in the world to me. This episode is about a female giraffe birthing a calf. I'm fascinated. If a birthing mother giraffe sits down during labor, she risks crushing the calf and causing significant damage. This mother endured hours of labor with no success and sat down when the baby was only head and front feet out. I gasped watching and couldn't focus on anything else. The baby giraffe survived, and I'm now watching the bond of mother and daughter. Amazing.
  • Both Jenn and Deb have tagged for a blog post. I'll do it this weekend most likely.
  • Oh shit, the mother giraffe just mysteriously died. She fell ill and died within a day. Now I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face.
  • I can't see a giraffe without thinking of Allie. Even Maggie knows that Allie loved giraffes. At the zoo, I stop for an extended period of time to stare at the giraffe and think of how Allie's face would light up at the sight of one. I see her face when I look at a giraffe.
  • With Maggie, it's princesses that make me think of her. She is Princess Maggie. She likes for me to tell made up stories about Princess Maggie, Queen Jenny, and King Andrew. She will squeal and say, "tell more! do it more!"
  • Show just ended. Baby giraffe is now thriving. That was intense, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Glad I stayed home to experience that.

Back to work now. I'll be thinking of giraffes the rest of the day. And of my giraffe loving girl.

**Update: I couldn't stop thinking about this show. All through my shower, I thought about Lady, the mother giraffe, and her baby. When I got out, I googled Safari West, the conservation group that cares for these giraffes in California, and emailed the Founder/CEO. Here is my letter:

Dear Mr. Lang,

While I do not normally email someone after having watched an episode on the television, I cannot resist to email you. This morning, I worked from my home to catch up a little and happened to catch Growing Up Giraffe. I wanted to personally thank you for sharing that beautiful and inspiring story this morning.

My daughter Allie loved giraffes. As an infant, her favorite toy was a little giraffe from France named Sophie. She was never without Sophie and soon had giraffe item after giraffe item. When I see one of these beautiful creatures, I am instantly reminded of my beautiful daughter. You see, Allie was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of four months. She endured chemotherapy, more than 80 blood transfusions, and a stem cell transplant when she was seven months old before passing away in my arms at nine months. She was buried with her Sophie Giraffe toy that she loved so dearly.

I thank you for the beautiful story of Lady and her love for her baby giraffe. I was heartbroken the moment she passed and cried silently in my home for the great loss Safari West suffered. I wish you and your organization all the very best in your efforts for conservation and preservation of these majestic creatures. I admire the work you have done through founding this organization. I founded a charity in Texas called Heroes for Children,, that serves families with children with cancer in memory of Allie and another little girl Taylor. I know the blood, sweat and tears it takes to found such a labor of love as an organization. What an amazing thing you have done for this world through Safari West.

Again, the story on Growing Up Giraffe was wonderful. It was intense, heartbreaking, beautiful and truly inspiring. Thank you so much for the work you do and for giving this giraffe lover in Texas so much inspiration on a Friday morning.

With my gratitude,

Jenny Scott

Mom to Giraffe loving little girl, Allie Scott


The Nanny said...

What a beautiful letter, Jenny.

Allison said...

Most people would watch, cry, and move on. How nice of you to take the time to let them know it touched you.

Nikki said...

Awww! Even though I didn't know Allie personally, I can't help but think of her everytime I see a giraffe. Giraffes = Allie. It's just that simple!

Thank you so much for sharing :)

snekcip said...

Very beautiful, heartfelt and inspirational! I'm always reminded of a Allie whenever I see a giraffe! Thank you for sharing your letter, and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR SHARING PRECIOUS ALLISON SCOTT (AKA ALLIE) !!!

leonard said...

That's a beautiful letter, Jenny! I hope someone from the organization writes you back!


Jennifer said...

Jenny, I have had the opportunity to visit Safari West, as it is only a little over an hour from my home in Ukiah, CA. My cousin's wife worked there, and they had their wedding there in October 2006. Its a beautiful place. If you ever make it out to my part of California, please contact me, I can possibly arrange a private tour for you, or something along those lines.

webmistress - Friends of Heroes

Anonymous said...

I hope todays "Teddy Bear Picnic" was a hit!! Sounds so fun [I used to do that with my preschool special education students]! Thanks for sharing your letter. Safari West sounds like an amazing place just like Allie & the rest of your fam!

Angie said...

oh Jenny,
What a wonderful letter! I bet he will appreciate such a heart felt letter. Touching......
I think about you guys often! =)

Jenn M said...

seriously, you had to make me cry tonight???!
Great letter super wordsmith, everyone in that organization will read it and not only be proud of their work but touched by you, greatness.

Irish said...

I am a mother of 3 from Toronto Ontario, Canada and I wanted to let you know that each and every time I see a giraffe my thoughts go immediately to Allie.
My sister bought my daughter a Sophie after she was born in (Jan '07) and I told her all about Allie.

The Morgan Family said...

What an incredible, heartfelt letter! YOU are a gift, as well! Miss you!