Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shots? No thank you, ma'am

I don't drink shots. It's not a good plan for me. Margaritas? Fine. A glass of wine now and then? Sure. But shots? No. Haven't had one since about 1998. But when five friends surround me and watch me with a shot in my hand, I go for it. And seriously, I don't think it was just a single one. At least a shot and a half, possibly the equivalent of two. But wait, someone didn't just order one round, but two (should I blame Jen or Amy?? Hmmm...I call foul on both). And margaritas. Not smart for Jenny Scott, I can tell you that for sure.

Because what happens when I do this? I drunk text another friends husband not realizing that it wasn't my own. And what did I drunk text? This is a family blog people. Saint--if I turn about four shades of red the next time I see you, just pretend like you don't notice. I'm so embarassed!!

I tend to not have me time often. Sounds like most mothers, right? I don't go out with friends but every once in a while. Last time was my birthday dinner in January. I have a lot of nights away from my family for work. My mom guilt doesn't let me to be away for things for myself. I don't think it is fair to ask that from my sweet husband. He never complains to have to care for Maggie on his own once a week or more so I can handle night meetings for Heroes for Children. But I can't take advantage of that. When we're in our busy time, it is like this every week. Two nights away is my maximum. So if I do two nights away for work, then I don't take time away for myself. Thus meaning I don't go out. Now, I'm not complaining. I love my job and I love the time I get to be with my family. But boy did I ever need last night! I needed to be with these great girls, re-energize, and relax. So much so that I was feeling it this morning!!

I needed this time with the girls. Needed to be with them and so glad I got my time with them. Love you gals!!


Anonymous said...

You know what's a sexy location?

The living room.

Love love love you. I belive you forgot 2 glasses of wine in your recap of the evening festivities.

But least you were able to get the automatic paper towel dispenser to work.

Shannon said...

Looks like someone has figured out their iPhone! :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed your night out, your sure did deserve it!

Dana said...

I just popped back in to check up on you guys and am amazed at how big Maggie is getting! What a cutie! And the Allie tree is just gorgeous, look how it's growing!

I also wanted to let you know that without Allie's life I wouldn't know about childhood cancer. Because of Allie I started learning about childhood cancer, which motivated me to train for and run a half marathon (I had to lose 70 pounds in the process too). I'm running it Labor Day Weekend, in Virginia Beach, for Rally, which is a childhood cancer charity. Allie still continues to touch many lives!