Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

I am not techno savvy. The only reason I have this blog is because Tracey taught me how to set it up. If I have a computer issue, I immediately run to Andrew to help me with it. So is it really any surprise that I had no clue how to track visits to this blog. Not to me it isn't. But to Jen? Yes, she was shocked. But again thanks to Tracey, I learned how to load a stat counter to this blog late Friday night.

And since then, I have been glued to the statcounter.com website fascninated at the number of hits to this website. Yesterday, there were more than 1,900 visits to this site! It's only 7:45 AM and so far--over 200 hits this morning. Seriously? Now, I know that many of these are the same people revisiting the site more than once in a day (including myself as I refresh to see if there are more comments). When I showed Andrew this, he said, "but you're not THAT interesting." Thanks, babe, no I'm not. He then reminded me that he wasn't one of the 1,900 hits since he doesn't read frequently (he said he glanced at the pictures from the baby shower but that it was my "thing" and he didn't read the write up about it. "I mean--it's all about a baby shower and a sleepover." At least he's honest!).

The cool thing is that I get to see where the different readers are located. Many I can't tell exactly (especially ones saying Dallas or Plano), but I have had visits from all across the country and outside of the US. Sunday, someone visited from Hong Kong! I've seen just about all the states but Alaska (yes, someone from Hawaii too!)

And yet, with 1,900 hits, I only get an average of 10 comments to a blog post. So, I'm asking you all--come on out! Tell us who you are and how you got here! I'd love to meet you! This blog doesn't allow for anonymous posts (I learned the dangers of anonymity and the internet--allows people to say things they might not say otherwise and I received some not so pleasant messages in our original guestbook). I apologize for the inconvenience. You will just need to recent with Blogger. You don't have to have a blog to register with them. It will just give you an account to use for posting too.

So stop on in to the comment section and leave a note. How did you find this little corner of the blog world?

Thanks--nice to meet you!


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Marcea said...

Hi Jenny, I am one of your long time readers. Originally started from Allie's site.
I hope Brandy is doing better? And I loved your last post about your Dad.
Well, just wanted to say Hi and let you know since you asked, who one of your readers are. :o)

Take care,

Laurie said...

Your little Allie still touches my heart :) And your strength with Andrew just amazes me. So I come to visit to see how your family is doing and reminds me how my awareness for childhood cancer started! Thank you for that! Merry Christmas.

Amy said...

I found your Blog because of Allie. I found Allie through Katia Solomon's Caringbridge website. The Solomon's live in my area and we have become really good friends. Because of people like you and the Solomon's I have discovered my purpose in life. I believe that I was created to reach out and help those in need, mainly childhood cancer. I have meet some amazing local kids and their families. I have been fundraising this past year and it's just been awesome. I could go on and on but I'm sure it would be pretty boring.
I love reading about your time with Maggie. You deserve all the happiness in the World.

Caroline said...

Hi Jenny, I also have been following you for awhile. I think I linked to Allie's site through either Kristie Escoe (Kendrie's mom, in Georgia) or Haley's site. Can't remember which now. I started a blog about a month ago and installed the stat counter and I have also been mesmerized with it. I love seeing where people link to my site from. Ahh, the things I can find to do to waste time!

robinandamelia said...

Hi Jenny, I too am a long time reader (from previous site). I don't post to often here as I wasn't sure you wanted us all to follow. Didn't want you feel like you were being stalked!! It's uplifting to see things going so well for you and Maggie is a beauty. That's why I visit. Robin from Bradford, Ontario Canada

Susan said...

Jenny - I found Allie's site when my son was also fighting cancer (neuroblastoma). He passed away in July this year after battling for more than four years. It helps me to read the blogs of other moms who have lost a child. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie said...

I also followed your beautiful Allie's story.

Despite what Andrew says, you are interesting! I love to read blogs, it is neat to peak into someone's world and perspectives. (My dh thinks my blog is silly, too!)

Jeanne from RI

(oh, I have always wondered about that beutiful family you used to mention, and they had their own site...baby Feildon? Did I spell that right? He and his sister were so sweet...I hope they are well. And Dana and family too...)

Rachelle said...

I've followed you since Allie, although I have never left a comment before. Sweet Allie touched my heart and I've kept up with your family since then. I have a little boy just older than Maggie, so I followed your pregnancy with her and continue to read your blog for updates. I guess I have become attached to your little family over the years, although I think I must seem like a stalker to you. :)

rockin_mom said...


I have been reading your blogs since around June or July of 2004. I read about Allie's story in the Dallas paper online. I was pregnant, newly single and going through a rough time. You and Miss Allie inspired me so much, made me greatful for all of my blessings and reminded me not to dwell on the past and the hard times. My baby was born in Feb. 2005 and went straight to the NICU for a 15 day stay. For 4 days we did not know what was wrong with her. On day three, they told me they were going to run some tests, ones that I would never have even heard of if I had not followed Allie's site. I was terrified when I realized they were testing my three day old child for cancer. I prayed so hard and thought of beautiful Angel Allie and asked her to intervene on my babies behalf. I was one of the lucky ones, the tests were negative. I just wanted to thank you so much for reminding me daily what is important in life, not to take things for granted and to love my kids with all my heart.

You are an inspiration Jenny, thank you for sharing your life and your beautiful Maggie with us all. = )

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Sincerely, Allison

kcandone said...

I also started following your site through Allie. She and your family are an inspiration because of all you have been through! I love to ready your blogs because they are whitty, funny, serious, etc! I hope Brandy is feeling better! Take care!

Wanting to be Skinny said...

I've been following Allie's story and now yours. Despite what Andrew says I find you very interesting. I hope the puppy is feeling better. It hurt me to see her poor leg that way.

Your post yesterday touched my heart. I lost my father to colon cancer in 1998 and miss him everyday. I was a daddys girl and he never got to meet my children. It all seems so unfair at times.

Thanks for keeping the blog!

Carolein said...

Hi Jenny!

Carolein from Long Island, New York here! I've been following you since about 2 months after Allie was diagnosed and have followed your story ever since. You and I are only a few days away with our birthday's too (mine is January 27th). I've wept through your bad times (losing Allie) and rejoiced in your happy times (pregnany, birth and life with Maggie). Best to you and your family always!!



MarlaCharles said...

I have been a long time follower since babycenter. I just pop in every few days (sometimes everyday) to see how things are going, see how HFC is doing and see how Maggie and Brandy are.


Life ticks on said...

Jenny I have been following you for a long time now. I think I originally found out about Allie on Babycenter. I linked from there and have been reading since then. I would bounce around because I have one born in October that year. Anyways we have read the entire time.

Mimi said...

Hi Jenny my name is Cris and I live in Pataskala, Ohio....I originally found your site with Allie from a friend..... I look in on you guys everyday....love you guys.......

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenny! I am a long time reader from Allie's site. I found her website through a friend and have been a follower ever since. I was reading your blog the other day when my 5 1/2 year old daughter walked up and saw the pictures of Maggie and Allie. She asked who they were and I explained a little about both girls and how Allie is an angel now watching down on her family and friends. She was upset for a little while but then came back to me and said, "You know what mama? I bet baby Allie is playing with Louie right now and they are having the best time." Louie, our first fur baby recently went to heaven, and we always talk about the fun he must be having chasing the other dogs and eating his chew bones.

Anyway, I know a long post, but just want you to know you are an inspiration to me. I only hope that if I were to face something as devastating as losing a child; I would be able to handle it with as much grace and dignity as you have shown. I am sure it hasn’t been easy and I would never pretend that it is or that I have walked an inch in your shoes but from and outsider looking in; you are a very strong woman. Thank you for sharing your life with us! Merry Christmas to you, Andrew, Maggie and of course Brandy!


2boystwingirls said...

Hi Jenny!
It must be so strange for you to see that you have so many visitors and yet, not know who anyone is. I'm sure that all of us checking in on you and your family feel like we know you.
I was a part of the December 03 babycenter board when you were. My son, Devin, was due 12/8/03 but came a little early (11/29/03) but I couldn't tear myself away from December board so there I stayed. I followed your story with Allie from the beginning and followed your family's story on your old site.
I come to your site almost daily because that's just what I have done since Allie was diagnosed. I visit because you are real. You share your raw, honest feelings and when everything with Allie was going on you made me (and so many others) remember all the things that are truly important in life. You helped to keep things in perspective. That things we think are bad or tough really aren't. That we will get through them. That other people in the world have much harder situations they are dealing with. So, thank you. Thank you for letting all of us keep peeking into your world. Thank you for reminding us that our children are priceless and special and that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow so we need to live life to the fullest.
HFC is your way of making sure that Allie's legacy lives on. However, from Allie just being here, and you telling her story, she lives on. She lives on in the thousands of people that "knew" her through the internet. Everytime we give blood, make a donation to cancer awareness or volunteer for a sick child it's because Allie is right there, in our hearts.
I know you feel like you were blessed to have had her in your life. But, she was blessed to have you and Andrew for parents. Now, Maggie will learn what incredible parents she has and how her "BIG" sister is a hero to so many.
I know it's going to be rough with Allie's birthday coming up, but I'm going to wish you much peace and happiness this Christmas.
mommy to 2 boys and twin girls!

GreenStyleMom said...

I also was a follower of Allie's site. Not sure how I originally found it, but I felt a connection since I am originally from Dallas and used to volunteer in clown ministry in pediatrics at Medical City. I'm a JJ Pearce grad, and after college I returned to Dallas and worked as an RN at Parkland. I recognized many of Allie's physicians names. My parents still live in Dallas and my ILs in Austin, so we are in Texas a lot.

Megan said...

I've been a long time reader. I first heard about your sweet Allie on babycenter.com, and I've followed your site and your story since then. Allie's story really touched my heart. I know she had an impact on so many lives during her short time here on earth. Thank you for sharing your story and your life with all of us!

Heather said...

At my old job, I used to do some work in Dallas (well, not IN Dallas... but work FOR Dallas from a long way away!). One day, I got a copy of the Dallas Morning News delivered to my office and I sat down to read it to find the stories that were relative to my job.

I happened upon an article about Allie, and I immediately went onto your website and was hooked by her story. It was shortly after that when she passed away, and I've been unable to tear myself away from you and your family.

I have been completely touched and affected by all that you have been through. Because of Allie, I have conquered my fear of needles and now give blood on a regular basis.

I love to read up on you and see how you, Andrew, and Maggie are all doing. I apologize if it feels like I am a voyeur!

I started my own blog back in July... I'm currently planning my wedding and decided to chronicle the process. :) Only 6.5 more months!

I know it sounds silly, but thank you so much for so frequently updating your blog. I love signing on to the computer in the morning and having something to read. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

New York

Leigh said...


My name is Leigh and I have been reading your story for quiet some time. I found Allie's story shortly after my best friends son was diagnosed with AML in September of 2004. I have gone back and read every one of your entries and I love reading about your sweet family and your strength in such trying times. My friends little boy passed away on November 18th 2005 and after that I truly felt connected to Allie and her story. You cannot fully understand such loss until you have felt it. I am in school to be a teacher and while I dont make much money, I send monthly donations to St. Jude in Allie and Bryce's names....Ive done presentations and projects in college on raising Childhood Cancer Awareness...and I pray every night that someday we will find a CURE! and people will stop having to say goodbye to their precious children...I admire your work for Heroes and Children and hope someday I can honor Bryce in such a way.....
Always Praying for you in Georgia....


Jen said...

Hi Jenny,
I am also a long time reader. I found sweet Allies site through babycenter. I remember lighting a candle and praying for her to get well. After Allie passed I continued to read and was amazed by your strength and your honesty. I was so happy for the two of you when you announced you were pregnant with Miss Maggie. It's been fun to read your posts and watch her grow. I have two little girls of my own and sometimes I laugh at your Maggie stories and think "Yep...been there!". Your story makes me remember how lucky I am to have two happy healthy children. Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to blog.
I hope Brandy feels better soon. Poor Puppy!
Love and Laughter to you all this holiday season.
Ottawa, ON Canada

Amy said...

Hi Jenny,

I've been following your story since Allie was sick. I was once a babycenter mom, so that's how I found you guys. (though I do live in the area as well...)
You've really got a gift for writing, and I'm so glad I can still read up on your beautiful family. Thanks for letting us all in.

Amy H.

Dayna said...

Jenny -

My name is Dayna, and I've been following your story since Allie was sick. I was a babycenter member and someone posted a link to your website on our babycenter board (I was the host on the board with Jen & Tracey) at the time that Allie was sick my own children were being diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency disease and starting IVIG - I guess, in a way, what you went through kept it all in perspective for me. I've been inspired by how you've made a difference in so many lives through your writing, and HFC.

tylersmama said...

Hey Jenny! My name is Keely and I'm from Colorado Springs. I've been reading for a long time! Sorry I never write comments. I usually don't have much to say :) I originally came from Allie's site....but can't remember how I began reading Allie's site to start with. I recently started a blog too (mostly to help my family keep up with our new baby)! If you're ever bored, check it out! www.tylerdoescolorado.blogspot.com
Have a great day! Love on that Maggie--she's a cutie!

jcrow said...

Hey Jenny - I am a faithful reader from Hernando,Mississippi - faithful since you started posting about beautiful Angel Allie. I have just grown to love your family and admire your strength, courage and faith. And I love to read about Maggie's adventures - she is just a doll:) Hope Brandy is feeling better and will be up and about in no time. Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

Jo said...

Hiya Jenny.
I am also a long time lurker from Allie's site.I hope you dont mind me peeping in from time to time.
I hope Brandy is feeling better. Miss Maggie is absolutely adorable. Her recent pictures are just priceless.
Have a terrific Merry Christmas and Thank you for letting me be apart of your family :-)

New Jersey

Dawn said...

I just wanted to say hello. Benn following you guys since Allie was so sick. I found out about you through the IVillage message boards. I still check in periodically to make sure you are all well. I love the way you write,Jenny. Nothing is held back, you put it all out there. Just wanted to say hello.
Dawn in Jersey

K said...

Ha, good for you for calling us all out! LOL :)

My name is Kia, I live in BC Canada, I was a BabyCenter mommy, our girls were 3 months apart. I started following your journey soon after Allie was diagnosed. I would check twice a day, laugh with you...cry with you...get angry with you. You have an amazing way with words - makes me feel like we are old friends (I wish we were rather than this kind of odd one way thing!).

It was my idea to get the giraffe for Allie at the zoo and it was so cool to read about you going there to see it - felt like I was able to reach out and do something.

I became quite attached to you and your family so that is why I keep on checking for updates twice a day just like I did with Allie.

Sorry to not have left any comments on this new blog - I used to in the Allie one in my defence! Like some others here I didn't want to freak you out that there was this woman in another country that was "checking in" on you!

I know that given your level of humblness (is that a word?) you will find this weird/funny but I feel like I'm writing to a famous celebrity and not just any celebrity one that I admire, respect, and hope to be like! So it can feel a bit intimidating to reach out...hey wait...perhaps it also has something to do with my fear of rejection? Crap. Oh well you called me out so here I am :D

I consider you my dearest unmet friend and I am always cheering you on in everything you do. I'm so thrilled that Miss Maggie is in you world - shes is a gem!

So I guess from now on I'll put myself out there and comment. I promise the next comments won't be epic novel size!!!!

Thanks for sharing your life Jenny it has made a difference in mine.


Anonymous said...


I have followed your story from the beginning of Allie's illness. I just love to check to see how things are going in your world. I loved reading your blog on your Dad and to find that him and my mom share the same birthday only 5 years apart. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Jen in Georgia

Connie said...

Jenny...I have been reading your post since Allie's site. I love reading about you and your work. Your family is so sweet and I could just eat Princess Maggie up :) Your post about your dad was awesome, him and my grandfather are the same age and both are with our baby angels. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Connie in FL

Dukeabug said...

I'm that lame-o girl who got her butt stuck in the truck window. I'm sure you got sick of hearing about that, but it's the only way I know to identify myself to you for right now. Followed Allie from the get-go, and have stalked you all the way here (kidding). :) You're a funny and insightful kinda girl.

Devan said...

We were fellow Babycenter moms back when Allie was a baby - my son was born November 2003, and I have followed your story from the beginning. My kids and I have walked in the Light the Night Walk here in Louisville, KY for the last 4 years - we have Allie's Angels, Friends of Allie and Friends of Heroes shirts that we all wear. In fact, I have been team captain the last two years and loved it! My daughter had to wear her favorite "team jersey" to school for spirit week - and she choose her Friends of Heroes shirt! My other daughter (and I think my son too - young love) wants to watch the Maggie slideshow everyday - so count us as one of your daily "hits" even though I don't post often.

Always "checking in" on you guys!

aiden's mama said...

Hi Jenny, I'm Sonia. I first found out about Allie on Babycenter. Aiden's Birthday is 12/8/03. I love to read your blog! Just to see that you and Andrew are doing good, makes me feel good. I love Maggie! She is such a doll. I love to read your blog and hope you post new pictures. If you ever want to come visit Reno give me a call!!!

Dandelion Momma-Janis said...

I followed you from Allie's site and have enjoyed watching the progression of your life over the last few years. You are very insightful and I enjoy reading your posts. I am a mom to 3 that lives right next to Chattanooga, TN. Have a Merry Christmas!

Momma of Two said...

Hi Jenny! I found your original site through babycenter...seems like alot of us did! Anyway; I have followed you ever since...after you started this blog you inspired me to start my own; it's slow going but I am getting there and I must say I love blogging! Who would have thought! I wish you nothing but the best; wich is what you deserve!

Happy Holidays!

Tammy said...

Tammy in Haltom City, Hi Jenny, I've been following you all for some time now, started with Miss Allie! I think going on 4 yrs now. I love reading your thoughts and the busy lives you lead. What an inspriation you've been to me, mothering my girls and now grandson. Happy holidays to you all! I sign often,and check in on ya'll everyday, and sometimes more if I'm needing my Jenny fix, lol

Karrie said...

Hey Jenny,
I'm another long time follower. I heard about Allie on Babycenter back in 2004 and I've been hooked ever since. You are amazing and inspirational. And, well, you just have a great way with words. And with a gorgeous baby like Maggie taking those phenomenal pictures all the time...who wouldn't want to come back to see more!

Anonymous said...

I am stopping in today because I found a little giraffe ornament in my Christmas box that I bought to send you the year Allie died, then changed my mind because it felt creepy to intrude on your grief in that way; it seemed like an invasion of privacy. I still think of you and Allie often -- I can't entirely remember how I found your site, back then, but it drew me into Friends of Allie and now Friends of Heroes, and I'm still fundraising and doing some good for the LLS each year. Such is the power of your prose and Allie's sweet face.

I check in about once a week when I should be grading papers, etc. I'm in Morgantown, WV, and have two kids of my own -- John (7) and Sophie (4). I think it was how close in age Allie was to my Sophie that made your whole experience so real to me, and so very painful. I suspect that I'm still checking in with you here because it helps to see how much good has come out of something so seemingly senseless and cruel as the death of a tiny baby. It reaffirms that we all have meaning and a purpose, even when we are tiny, helpless and ill.

I think you are pretty interesting, btw. A lot of women would have done something different with their grief... a million different things. But you channeled it into HFC, and that makes you extraordinary. And I like how your blog addresses many of the issues we all face raising small kids. Plus there's the lure of Maggie's adorable pictures... who doesn't love a cute kid?

I made a feeble start at a blog myself, but haven't kept it up or posted any pictures to it (no idea how on earth people do that, lol!). So I think not having a counter isn't that big a deal... I suspect I don't have one, either! I'm not a technophobe, but I can't figure out all this stuff, either. I make my husband download (upload?) pics off the digital camera, etc. Someday I will have time to figure it all out.... when I'm in the nursing home, right? Sigh. Maybe by then we can just blink our eyes and twitch our noses like Samantha on Bewitched and things will be done.



tthays said...

Hi Jenny,

I have been reading your story for over 3 years. I have two daugthers and my son was stillborn at full term. A lot of the things that you write I can relate to. Maggie is so beautiful, I check back every couple days to see if there have been any updates.

I am in the cold state of Wisconsin.
Happy Holidays!

Melissa said...

I've been reading from the early Allie days (I'm a Babycenter mom) and have followed you through today. I appreciate your strength and your "realness" (if that's a word!). I love seeing your beautiful little Maggie and enjoy your blog. Nice to meet you!

h.plott said...

Hi Jenny. I am from Virginia and have followed you since your fight with Allie (I heard about Allie on Babycenter). I have have followed you to your new website and now read yuor blog and some of your funny friends' blogs pretty much everyday. I am a mom of 3 and don't have time to sit down and read anything for long periods of time so I get my laughs from the blogs.

Happy Holidays!

Golfball said...

my wife accidentally bookmarked you in my bloglines account a couple months ago. ;)

Not as exciting as most others here, but I like a good read occasionally.

Carrie said...

Greetings from Alaska!

My youngest daughter was born within 3 days of your Allie and I followed her journey with a heavy heart. Your poignant writing allowed me to feel like I knew you all and I cried and cried when she gained her angel wings. I think of you all often and hug my sweet girl close with a thankful heart to still have her in my arms.

I found you through another child's website who is still fighting cancer... Samuel.

Bluegrass Mama said...

Like pretty much everyone else, I started reading when Allie was sick. I don't remember any more how I originally linked to that site, but I checked in occasionally afterward to see how you were doing and followed you here. Now I usually read from a feed reader, so I'm not ordinarily in those stat counter figures!

Carrie said...

Hello! I also started reading when Allie was sick and have followed you ever since. You have such a sweet family and I love to read your updates. Thanks for sharing with us! Your faithful reader from Georgia...

WhaWho said...

I too have been following you for years and came over from the other site. I enjoy seeing your adorable pictures of Maggie and hearing about all of the wonderfully normal things your family is up to. Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

I was pregnant with myd aughter when I began reading Allie's story back in 2003! I've never posted- so here you go. I have a daughter who is 3 1/2 and a son who is 7 months old. You are very real to people, and so it doesn't surprise me that people gravitate to you and your story! Maggie is so cute, by the way- I have loved watching her grow up into such a big girl!

Nichole- from Milwaukee, WI

Leah said...

Hi Jenny,
I found Allie's site through Katia's site a few years ago and then started checking your new blog. I love hearing about Maggie and your family. Your stat counter will say I'm from Fresno, Ca but I actually live in Visalia, Ca.
Happy Holidays!

H'mama said...

Hello, I've been a long time reader as well. Started out in July of 2004 I believe. I love to see what you are doing with HFC and how beautiful Maggie is growing. I hope Brandy gets better soon. Hope you have a great Christmas and an even better New Year:-)

Heather, Washington State

Amy said...

Another long-time reader here. Followed your story with Allie, and even walked in her honor in a Relay for Life in Michigan the weekend after she passed away. Her story, your story, and your family's continuing story have tugged at my heartstrings and sometimes I feel like an interloper and almost guilty for continuing to read, but I find myself wondering how you are doing, how Maggie is growing, and just how everything is working out for you. So hello! I'm Amy! :o)

Elaine said...

Hi Jenny,

I started following Allie's original website, I think about 'week 5'. I have been following your story ever since. I really enjoy your posts. :)

I too have been wondering about Fieldon, Dana and Sam.

~Elaine in OH

amyroo77 said...

Hi Jenny! I had found your story about Allie thru babycenter and have checked back often to see how things are going. You truly are an amazing person. I feel like the basic stalker. so forgive me. :) I live in Coon Rapids, MN and have a 8 yr old daughter and a baby on the way. Take care and have a wonderful holiday!


Debbie said...

Hi Jenny!

Another long time reader (and occasional commenter here)!

I live outside of Philadelphia and I am a mom to 2 beautiful girls (8 & 3)

I followed you from Allie's site. I started there and I've never left. I love to hear about the work you do with HFC and to see how big and beautiful Maggie is growing. I am also a fan of Brandy - we are getting a Golden Retriever puppy soon!

If I ever met you in person, I would act like we were friends and you would think I was crazy. ;-)


Paasivirta Family said...

Hi Jenny! I heard about Allie on babycenter and followed her story since the beginning. I have a daughter that is 3 months younger than Allie, but they looked so much alike. I made flyers for LTN and my then 2.5yo daughter thought that Allie's pictures were of my younger daughter! I was hooked by that beautiful little girl, and her very strong Mommy. We have sinced moved to Europe, but still like to read up on how you guys are doing!

Deb said...

Hey Jenny, happy holidays. I have been reading about your beautiful family for a few years now. I found out about your beautiful angel through Sam Eisenberg's site. Dr. Eisenberg delivered my two daughters and I just adore him. Your writing has touched my heart so many times, and i am so happy to see that you all are doing well. I'm sure that your blogstats don't show it, but I am a fellow Allen resident, so just know that your have loyal local readers as well. Again Merry Christmas and may you and your beautiful family have a joyous New year.


skyandkysmama said...

I am an avid reader to your sight. You are one of my 3 sites I check on everyday. I have been here since you started your fight with cancer with Allie. I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old and live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Melissa said...

Been checking in on your family all through Aliie's fight and cheered you on while preggo with Munchie. Nice to meet you also!!

StacieM said...

Hi Jenny. Like many others, I started reading when Allie was fighting for her life. You, Andrew and Allie have been in my thoughts many, many times. I live in Seattle and have two daughters. Kendall was born a few months before Allie and Taylor was is just a couple weeks older than your sweetheart Maggie. There are so many similarities between Taylor and Maggie. Whenever I see pictures of her it reminds me of T. She even has that same swimsuit. Anyway, contrary to what Andrew says you are very interesting and a great writer. I feel like I "know" you so I come back here to get the family update.

Gina and Mike said...

Hi Jenny,

I have been following your story since Summer of 04. I check here almost every day excited for a new entry. My two girls are a few weeks apart in age from both of your girls. (Actually 3 because my 4-legged girl is the same as yours too)!

There have been a handful of people in my life that I can say really changed me as a person and I will never forget them for it. Even though I will never meet you, you are one of them. The wife, mother, daughter, and friend that you are have inspired many people and I certainly am one of them.

Gina in FL

Deedra said...

Hi Jenny,
My name is Deedra. I live in Denver. I have 2 children (4 and 3). I found you on BabyCenter and have followed you on your journey with Allie.

You are an inspiration to do more.

Loni said...

Hi Jenny- I was a member of the December babies Babycenter site and began reading your personal site when Allie was sick. I am from Wichita, Kansas and check your page every day!

mom2togirls said...

Hi Jenny

I was a mom on December babies Babycenter and have followed you since then

I usually stop by your site every morning. It has became part of my daily routine. I love your site and I think you are interesting even if Andrew does not :0)

mama2one said...

Hi Jenny. I found your site a few days after Allie passed away...a lady on one of the iVillage boards had posted the link. I'm from Alberta, Canada & my daughter is 5. I enjoy reading all the little things that Maggie does...so cute (& funny)!!

Amanda said...

Hi Jenny,

I followed Allie's story after hearing about it on a Weight Watchers message board. I was there reading the night she died, crying right along with everyone else. I lit a candle in her memory shortly after that night. I've followed you ever since. I loved reading your thoughts on your original journal and I am THRILLED you have a blog and journal fairly often. I am in Indianapolis, Indiana.

And I do hope Brandy is better! I would have done the same thing for my dog that you did for Brandy. She is a part of the family!

Katie said...

I've been following your story since Allie was in the hospital.

Ihavangel said...

Hello Jenny,

I too am a only time reader of your blogs. I starting following your daily blogs with Allie. Your Family & Sweet Angel are never far from my thoughts, Maggie is stuning by the way. There was just something about Allie's story that has always lead me back to your blogs. Your Little Angel has lead me to Become a Partner in Hope for St. Jude (for about 3 years now) I follow lots of different family, I get mail from "you" actually as I am on the "Heroes for Children" mailing list,I am a Volunteer at the Make a Kid Smile Web site, all these things I'm sure I wouldn't have realized how special to me heart they are. Hope you & your family have a great Holiday Season.

Mom of 3 in Illinois & 1 in Heaven

Vickie said...

Hi Jenny,

I've been reading your posts since 2004. I think you're such a great person, with a gorgeous family. And you and I were born on the exact same day! I'm in New Zealand.


Em said...

Hi Jenny, I am a also a long time reader from Allie's site. I started following your story thru a friend who's little boy had cancer and somewhere along the line there was a link to your site. I have recently moved to Vancouver Island, BC all the way from rainy England. I'm sure you have readers in many countries. Do you get many random strangers saying hello to you that recognize you from here- that must be wierd! Anyway love following your story and your amazing work with Hereos for Children.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

I started following your story on Babycenter in 2004 after Allie was diagnosed...

Okay, I couldn't resist.

Does serving as your blogmaster count as part of my volunteerism?

LOVE YOU, you little miss inspiration you.

Number 67 and climbing...

Zarabeth said...

I am another babycenter momma. My son was born in February 2005 and while pregnant found your website, probably July of 2004. I have followed you since and have forwarded your blogs to many friends.

Zarabeth from Vermont

billyfrog said...

Hi there. I am Carla, from Lincoln NE! I am a member of a couple baby boards and came upon you and your family when Allie was very sick. I was there through the whole thing and for some reason, I am invested. I want to know how you all are and what is going on in your world. I just feel like I have been through something with you even though I know that is really not the case.

Nice to meet you too.
Carla - Nebraska

Kelly said...

My oldest child was born December 15, 2003. I was on BBC when you were, posting about our newborn, infant children. I remember the day you posted: My worst Nightmare is coming true. I have followed your journal and now your blog ever since the very beginning. I even remember visiting your website before Allie was sick and saw her beautiful Valentine's Day outfit...beautiful hot pink velour! :)


Angie said...

I too followed from Allie's site... It warms my heart to hear of all the wonderful things that go on in your life now...and your Maggie is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Denise said...

Hello Jenny - I followed over from scotthousehold.com which I found from BBC back in 2004 while Allie was fighting her battle which lead me to LTN and I have been a team captain here in Michigan ever since :) I love checking in on you and many other caringbridge families too. Take care and keep blogging!!

Krissy said...

Just coming out to say hello. I've followed your story since the beginning due to Babycenter. Since I've just been drawn back time after time. Maggie is an absolute doll.

Saint Richard said...

Hi Jennie,

My wife has been following you since babycenter....and....well.....Okay....I kind of like you too.

Huge fan from Austin, and comment #77!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jenny that is a lot of views. I can't believe 77 comments on this one entry when usually its not quite that much. Hopefully people will start also commenting on all the wonderful things on the HFC Blog.

cade'smommy said...

Hi Jenny! I have been following your story since the days of BBC as well. My son is 4 years old. He was born on September 5, 2003. I am a 26 year old single mother living in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I started following your story and have actually checked almost every day. I cried many times reading about Allie and there were many nights I would take Cade from his bed and let him sleep with me just to be close to him because I felt so sad for you. I appreciate you continuing to let me read about your life. I am a stronger person because of you and probably a better mother. I appreciate every day with my son and am reminded how short life is every time I think about Allie. Maggie is so beautiful and I am so happy that the joy has returned to your life. I am sure it is a surprise to you how many people care about you and your family. It reaches the most Easterly part of Canada.... the island of Newfoundland. Thank you Jenny for letting us into your life.

HILLARY said...

Hi Jenny. I first found your story when Allie was first diagnosed in 2004 just after my first daughter was born. Since then, I have followed you. Recently, we lost our second daughter (on Oct 30th) at 14 months 12 days and I have found confort in reading your posts, and even rereading your posts from Scotthousehold.com. I am realizing that I too will get through this, just as you have.

Thanks for continuing to write...it helps me.

Pariyah said...

Hey there! :) I came to your blog from Allie's website, and I came to Allie's website shortly after it was created by someone (have no idea who now) that requested prayers for her. I fell in love and have stuck around ever since! I love your writing style, your sense of humor, seeing Maggie (and Brandy!) grow, you're like friends I just haven't gotten to meet yet. So, that's how I got here :) I'm Amy, from Brownstown Michigan! :)

Kristina said...

Now you have a lot of comments! LOL - Remember that you don't have to refresh to view the comments, they should be emailed to you! :-) Love those stat counters...

I found your blog on my baby board (BabyCenter) in 2005 talking about your story and I had to read the whollllle thing. So sad. My DD was born in Dec 2005 and I have been reading since. Added this blog to my FeedReader (no refreshes for me) and been keeping up! Love to see the pictures and see about Maggie since they are close in age!

Thanks for keeping up the postings and sharing your life.

Penny said...

80 comments? wow Jenny I guess your still an internet celebrity.

I am fairly certain you know who I am.

Your in my rss reader so I read when ever you post. (I have also commented thought too)

ambercamp said...

HI, Jenny

i look at your site everyday to see if there is a new blog, i love your blogs!

my friend and i were preggo at the same time and loved the babycenter message boards. (i was due Oct 03 and she was due Dec 03). She was the one who actually got me hooked. she would tell me about your stories that she had read about, we worked at UTA and often had "fee time". i had to know what was going on...pretty soon i was hooked on Scotthousehold.com and told everyone i knew about it, some of the ladies i worked with would want the weekly updates.

i have been following your blogs along with Dana's until she stopped writting :(

Maggie is so beautiful and what a great husband you have!!

we live in Texas well actually Sunnyvale.

ocmomtotwo said...

Hi Jenny,
I am a fellow December 03 from Babycenter. I followed your story from Babycenter, to your old site, and your forums, to this site. I checked in on little Allie every day, more often than note, more times than one. You are such a strong, courageous person, and I love seeing the updates and transformations as you and your family continue on your journey.


Anonymous said...

I am Shelly from So. Cal and I have been reading since you started the journal for Allie. I have followed you here and have you on bookmarked in favorites.
You ARE interesting and one of the strongest and courageous women I read. You have really helped me deal with things with my two of my boys, who suffer from severe chronic illnesses.

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with the world. No one can come away untouched...it is all so good.


Kristina said...

My name is Kristy. I have been reading your blogs since well... along time. Way back with Miss Allie. Back in the Code brown days. I have followed for along time as Im sure many others have.
Allie and her story and her life inspired me... Im going to school to become a nurse. I currently work in the oncology unit at my hospital as a nurses assistant.

teamko said...

Hi Jenny

I do check your blog often to follow your story and see pics of little Maggie and Brandy, lol. I learned about you and your family thru BBC when Allie was sick like many of the others here today. I almost made my first post here on the anniversary of Allie's death. But like the others said, I didn't want to impose on your grieving or in any way make you feel uncomfortable. Sept. 13 is my daughters bday and I remember the day Allie died thinking I would always remember this day for Allie too! Thanks for sharing her life with us.

Tracy, CA

Lisa said...

HI Jenny!

I found you through babycenter- your story was linked on our group (Oct 03 babies) and once I started reading, I couldn't stop. Since then, I was the Houston Team Captain for Light the Night, along with Christy M. Your story brought me to her and we have been BFF's ever since. In fact, both Christy and I have since moved from Houston and we now lived 3.5 hours away from each other and I see her more than my own family- love you Christy!!!! Christy introduced me to Tracey when TR was house-hunting here back in 2006. TR and I hit it off, along with the hubbies, and we've been friends ever since.

I never would have met these two wonderful, awesome friends if it wasn't for Allie and you.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many, including me.

AmyA said...

Hello from Detroit, Michigan! I have followed you from your sweet Allie's website. I am one of your daily "hits" and I love keeping up with your beautiful family!

~Karley~ said...

We were on the same babycenter birth board. Marshall was born early though on Nov 23rd, 2007 instead of Dec 11th. I followed Allie's story and have since donated blood in her honor as often as possible. Maggie was born on my birthday. I come to see new pics and read your posts. I've laughed and cried over the past few years with you all the way from Oregon. Allie's life impacted my family in an amazing way and it still does to this day. Our lives were changed because of her life and through you and your words.

God Bless,
Karley, Madysen and Marhsall.

Abigail said...

I started reading scotthousehold.com when you were writing about Allie and I was working for CURE Childhood Cancer Association in Rochester, NY. I still check in and read about your family and non-profit.

Hollywood said...

I have been following your story since Allie days.
I am here in Holland MI!
2 years ago I sent out giraffe Christmas cards to all my relatives. (It was connected to help out Allie and other kids.)
Your story is so inspiring.

Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. I love reading your blog.

p.s. Maggie is a doll.

Kristie said...

Hi Jenny,

I have followed you since reading about Allie on Katia's Caringbridge site and have checked in on you daily since.

Your writing has touched my heart. Thanks for allowing us to follow you and your family through your journal and blog.

~Kristie in Bothell, WA

Ally said...

Hi Jenny! I have a son that had AML and has been off treatment for 6.5 years. I followed Allie's story and it just kind of continued on from there. Im from British Columbia, CAN.

Cookie's Mommy said...

Hi Jenny, all the way from Prince Edward Island in Canada :) Bet ya never even heard of the place, lol. I followed you here form your scotthousehold website, from when Allie was sick. I refreshed that page every day a million times for updates and cried my heart out when she grew her angel wings. I come here for pics of her, her sister and your witty posts. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

BookMama said...

Hi Jenny - My name is Andrea and I'm in the Ann Arbor area. I found your original journal through BabyCenter and have been following your story since July of 2004. You have been quite an inspiration, first with everything you did for Allie and now with your little cutie Maggie. I enjoy reading about your family's adventures with Maggie especially because she's just a week older than my own little Allie (so named by my son, who knew nothing of your story, but I loved that he picked that name).

Your posts have literally made me laugh and made me cry - I'm glad you have more to laugh about these days. Thanks for sharing your story.

choobi said...

Hi! I've been reading from the beginning of Allie's illness and I believe I may have left a comment once or twice LONG ago. Tell Andrew he's wrong...you ARE that intresting. LOL I'm a mama of two with one due next month. We actually just moved to TX from Alaska (air force)....wish I could say I was still there! It's gorgeous!! Just stopping in to say hi and to tell you that I loved your last blog about you dad....it was great "getting to know him". I think I would have liked him a lot!

Kimberly said...

Hey Jenny! wow that is alot of hits to your blog :)

I am Kimberly, I am a mother of 5 in Ohio, I am also a long time reader of your online journal/blog from back when you wrote about Allie.

I hope you continue on writing :)

~Jen~ said...

I am a Dec 2003 Babycenter, Allie's story follower. I met you and Andrew in birthing class as well. I saw on your old site and since I am addicted to blogging than it was easy to add yours to the list of reads. I have been inspired by your story and have many times contemplated contacting Heros to see if there is anything I can do for you in any way, but I am in OK now and I know you guys are just in TX. My mom was diagnosed with cancer this year. It is amazing how many lives are touched by cancer, and I am amazed and touched at what you are doing to help those families.

Dena said...

Gosh, I don't exactly remember when I started reading you, but it was sometime during Allie's battle. I believe someone on the knot posted about it so I followed the link, was totally moved by her story, saved it to my favorites and I've been following you ever since. If I stop and think about it that's a long time! I love watching your little Maggie grow. I have a 15 month old son so it's fun to see what he'll be doing next. Thanks for sharing so much with the blog world!

Melissa said...

I used to be on babycenter when I had my first son in Aug 2001, and then I started reading there again when my son was due in Dec 2003. So, I remember the day you posted about Allie very well.

I have checked Allies site every week ( or more) since you started it!

I was excited to see that you were going to blog-because then I could leave comments! LOL!

I think you are an amazing strong person and seriously someone I would totally be friends with! LOL!

Emily said...

Hey Jennie, very long time follower. I guess after reading for so long, through Allie and now maggie that keeping up with you has just become a part of me now. I have learned a lot from you and I do help spread the word too.

rileyandme said...


It is so very nice to finally feel comfortable enough to introduce myself to you and your family. I've never felt it was quite right because I always felt like I'd just be another comment saying just what all the others did...but really it's soooo true. I've grown to love you and your family like my own.

I visit you on a daily basis from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I came across You, Andrew and Allie just after Allie first got sick on babycenter.com. I then followed you throughout her illness and her eventual passing...I cried with you...and these days I laugh with you over Maggie and her cutey patootie ways! I laugh because you have been through so much Jenny...yet you keep on truckin' and you love life...you truly do!!!

It's nice to finally 'meet' you Jenny!!!

Melissa and little man Riley

Stacey said...


I found you and your family when Allie was just diagnosed.. you were on the WW board and someone there sent out your website and a prayer request for Allie.. and since then I have been an avid reader and must say I always look forward to Maggie updates, esp. the sugar photos:)

so that is how I 'found' you:)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, where do I begin? Well, I was a member of January 2004 birth boards on babycenter when someone posted a message about Baby Allie. I followed the link to your home website and read your story. I started reading around June or July of 2004 and have been hooked ever since. I don't post many comments because, I guess I'm shy. Yes, even on the internet. I've always wanted to meet you because you've inspired me to be a better mother. When I'm upset, I think about you and the little things just don't seem to matter as much. My firstborn, Tessa, was born in January, so Allie & Tessa are a month apart, and it struck me hard reading your story. I now have 2 children, I had my second girl in April of this year, and I feel truly blessed. I have been a faithful reader of your website and I am also keeping up with the Heroes website.

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to de-lurk as they call it. Thanks also for sharing your story. You can see pictures of my girls on my blogspot page if you want. I have a beautiful redhead girl...never thought I'd have one of those, let me tell ya!

PS. What ever happened with that video that was hopefully going to air? Remember they did all of that footage with your pregnancy and interviews with everyone? I was wondering what happened with that stuff. It would make a wonderful documentary about the organization.

Sheri said...

Hello from the snowed in state of Wisconsin! We just got another 8 inches...yuk. I am a follower of your gorgeous blue eyed Allie. I love seeing how big Maggie is getting and wonder all the time (as I am sure you do too) if Allie would have looked like her with the curly hair and sassy smile :). Just wanted to say hello and tell Andrew you must be interesting if you get 1900 hits a day on here!

Anonymous said...

I began reading your other site when Allie got sick. I found that site through babycenter. I think I have posted a comment 2-3 times total. But I read at least every week. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful Maggie. And I still get choked up when I look back at Allie and your words about that time in your lives. Thanks for sharing with us!


PS - I love the site counter things too, I find it very interesting when I can see what someone searched for (like on google) and then ended up at my blog, kinda funny at times! :)

Gin said...

I found you guys during Allie's battle. The link to her page was posted on a parenting message board I frequent. I fell in love with precious Allie and you guys still have a place in my heart. I have 3 kids of my own, and I love hearing your memories of Allie and new adventures with Maggie! You have a beautiful family.

Gin in Georgia

momofthreeboys said...

Hi Jenny,

We found Allie's site originally as we were living in Plano at the time (i think my husband and i both attended PESH around the same time you did). We continued to follow your story through our moves to OH and IL. You continue to inspire us to be better people and parents. Your dedication to your work and to people is amazing. You've taught us not to worry so much about the little things but to be grateful everyday for what we have and to count each and every one of our blessings.

Lisa said...

Wow! Look what happens when you ask people to come out of the woodwork! :)

My oldest (of two boys) was born December 12, 2003. I can't remember how I first heard of Allie's story. I wasn't on Babycenter, but was on another site for moms...so maybe someone relayed your story there. But I started reading about you and Allie when she was around 6 months old. Her story was both inspiring, and it tore me to shreds. I don't think I have missed a post in all this time.

Thank you for sharing your family with us all the way you do. You have been so blessed to have had Allie in your life, and your beautiful Maggie too!

Lisa said...

Oh, and in case you're interested (and can't tell from my post)...I live in Michigan. :)

Milewski5 said...

Hey Jenny~

I have been following your Journey with Allie since you were on babycenter. I used to post on the yahoo site. I love checking in on you and Miss Maggie, and Andrew and Brandy too! lol
I love reading your posts! You have touched so many people. If only we lived closer, I am sure we would be great friends.
Amy :-)

Milewski5 said...

P.S. I live outside of Boston, MA
On the South Shore!

verukasalt said...

Since you asked :) I'm from BBC and started with your original site. I feel like I know so much about you so here's a little about me....

From the Atlanta, GA area
Married for over 10 years
DD Katelyn born 4/16/03
DD Meredith born 11/14/05 (we shared the same Nov 05 board although I'm a rarity on that BBC board)
We're in the process of adopting a baby boy from Russia

I also (just like you) run my own company. I'm a WAHM although I go to the office about twice a week. I have a sitter who watches the girls at my house when they're not in preschool.

Keep posting as I visit on a regular basis and so love to hear what you have to say.

Finally...you inspired me to start my own blog about my experience with our Russian adoption. My blog is at http://thepeterson5.blogspot.com/ and I'd love to have anyone who's interested visit.

Sugar Photography said...

I live in Dallas.
I followed Allie's story.
I stalked you and asked to photograph your new baby when she was born as a way to give back and help heal the hurt.
You said yes (I only had to ask twice).
The rest is history.

Love ya

Jen (ps-welcome to the land of modern technology. thank goodness for andrew, that's all I have to say)

Ladyucantexplain said...

Hi Jenny! I'm Kristen from Ohio but relocated to Austin. A friend of mine who has been battling breast cancer off and on since 2000told me about Allie's story and your previous website while we were at Relay for Life. Afterwards, I came online and read about your story. You have been such an inspiration to so many!


It's funny -- I actually commented to Tracey's blog awhile ago because of the fish-out-of-water Austin-thing we have in common. I found her blog because of yours!

Tracy said...

I'm Tracy and I've been following your story since the summer of 2005. I live in Arlington and have two little girls, a hubby and a black dog that I like to blog about. I also left you a comment the other day just on your blast from the past post. I felt I might as well start commenting since I do check your blog everyday! Comments are fun and validate that people are reading and I've tried to stop being shy about posting them on the blogs I stalk. I also wanted to comment about the post about your dad. But that would've been two posts in one and and I wanted to go easy on ya! Ha! But my dad passed away from cancer at 59(damn cigarettes) so I do feel your loss.
Have a wonderful holiday! Tracy

Laura said...

Hi there, I followed you here from Allie's site and still pop by to see what your beautiful family is up to! I do comment occasionally but am always worried that if I comment too often I'll earn "stalker status". :o) I'm in Port Perry, Ontario Canada and not enjoying our big dump of wet, slushy, snow...blech. Your weather always seems much more appealing to me! Now I must figure out how to do one of those tracker thingys...hmmmmm.

Laura :o)

Anonymous said...

Here I am! I've followed you forever.

vickieh8 said...

Hi Jenny
I too have followed this site starting with Dana's posting then Allies page to this one. It's kind of like the news. You have to see it nightly! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Kelly said...

I live in College Station and have 3 little boys (5, 3 1/2, and 2...1 1/2 weeks younger than Maggie). I am a regular on BabyCenter and someone posted on our birthboard the 1st day you posted about Allie having cancer. I had a 19 month old, and a baby that was almost a month old at the time, but I sat at my computer and bawled my eyes out. Just the way the words were written I was drawn in and you reminded me so much of myself. I went through every picture on the site and the tears kept coming. My all time favorites are of Andrew cooking with Allie in a bjorn and then the Easter one where she is sitting on the sofa in a beautiful dress with a smile to melt your heart. I checked your site everyday, a lot of times multiple times a day to see if there was an update. lol I have never prayed so hard in my all my life for something, and it has really tested my faith how there could be so many people praying earnestly for this baby, and then to have that outcome. This is something I will have to ask God one day, but I have really struggled with this. I can see now God had this plan for you to start this amazing group and help so many other families in your shoes, but why he couldn't spare Allie I will never understand. I organized a meal to be spent to the hospital with a board I am on. I have met Larissa in Plano a couple of years ago to donate a laptop and a bunch of toys. Allie has forever changed my life, I never really knew much about Pediatric cancer before her. I would check her Friends of Allie MSN board and learned of so many other children facing this horrible disease, I have kept up with a lot, and sadly a lot have gone on to be with Allie in heaven. However, none have shaken me nearly as much as Allie.

Patty said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm Patty from Ft.Wayne, IN. Like others, I am a long time reader from your website. I believe I found it through babycenter!

I don't really post, as I am not as gifted in writing as you are!

I was inspired by your family and introduced myself to someone that has a son with cancer. He's been battling this for 7 years. I've joined her forces and walked in the Light the Night with her family and I try to help her out when she needs it the most. I am so grateful for you sharing your life with us.


P.s. if you are interested, check out his website, I'm sure she'd love a new visitor: www.caringbridge.org/in/matthewk

Kelly said...

Hi Jenny,

What a busy day you'll now have reading all of your comments! I first started reading during Allie's days. She was diagnosed the week our son Jakob was born, and passed the week he had a lobe of his lung removed because of a mass he was born with. I've always felt a bit connected to your story as I lost my only brother to leukemia. I didn't match his bone marrow, but my husband has been an unrelated donor to a man, and amazingly came up as a match a 2nd time! Wow! I'm also a teacher and felt I could really comiserate with your teaching anecdotes. My last little tidbit to share is that our dear Mac has had TPLO surgery to repair a torn ACL, which I think is similar to what your sweet Brandy is recovering from. What a journey that is! We are still melting from our ice storms in St. Louis, so tonight when I let Mac out, I reminded him to be careful, he wasn't getting another new leg! Who knew there were orthopedic vets... we didn't, but are sure glad we know now. So all of this rambling brings me to HFC and how I love your dedication. I know my parents received a lot of support during my brother's final year. I'm sure much of that made life easier for us during the unimaginable... my brother received his care 90 miles from where we lived.

I check nearly every day for a new post! Have a very Merry Christmas with Andrew, Maggie, and Brandy!
-Kelly Stratman St. Louis, MO

Life of the Leatherberry's said...

HI Jenny!
I have been a "luker" of your sites/blogs since back when sweet Allie was sick. I was and still am a faithful reader. I love watching Maggie grow into such a beautiful little lady. You and Andrew are both such inspirations to me. Because of Allie I have basically found my "Calling" and am into helping anyway I can as far as raising money/awareness for childhood cancer.
Thank you.

Kylee said...

I have followed your story since it was linked to my birth board (May 2004) on Babycenter. I cried right along with you. I hope Brandy is doing okay! Maggie is just too cute!
Happy Holidays from Vermont!

Jenn said...

Hey Jenny! You would have seen Alaska sooner but I haven't had a whole lot of time the last few weeks so I haven't been able to check out my normal round of blogs that I visit. Hopefully now you'll be able to say that you have had visitors from all 50 states!

Jenn in Alaska

Bethany said...

Hi Jenny, I'm Bethany and I've been reading your blog for over three years now. Happy Holidays :)

~*~*~Monica~*~*~ said...

Hi Jenny, I originally started reading when Allie was sick. I was pregnant with my second angel at the time and although I didn't get to have her here on earth with me, I felt I could relate to a lot of what you shared. We found out that she had health conditions that were likely not compatible with life just after Allie passed. I also have an Oct 05 baby and felt like I went through your pregnancy with you. I have commented a time or two, but for personal reasons, I don't post much online anywhere anymore. I hope Bee Bee gets to feeling better. Maggie is a cutie pie!~!~!

Nikk said...

Hi Jenny! I am a folllower from babycenter and then from scotthousehold and I also frequent the HFC blog. This whole commenting is pretty much against my normal "lurker" rules, but I figured that I'd come on out of the closet for once. I'm in California, and I'm s-l-o-w-l-y feeling out blogging myself. Thanks so much for sharing bits of your life, your family and your beautiful daughters with us. It cracks me up that you are surprised by the numer of hits!

3fishies said...

geez, you opened a can of worms, huh? LOL
Well, I think you know my story. I still post on here. I really do miss you. I know we keep talking about getting together for lunch but we have GOT to do something SOON! as you are one cool and fun chick to hang out with!!
BTW, your last sleepover was at Angie's-remember that night? I think we figured out that you got pg with Maggie Moo shortly after that 'girls night out'! hee hee Andrew must have missed you :wink wink!

Becca said...

Hi from oxford, Mississippi I started following your family during Allies Illness and have continued as Maggie has been growing. you have a beautiful family and are a great mom. I hope you continue to post for many years to come.

PS Send Sam some love! I know he must be growing into quite the young man.

Claire said...

Jenny, I am a follower from your Caringbridge site and probably found you at Babycenter as I have a Nov 03 baby and there were multiple posts for you on our board. Ok that was probably a run on, forgive me!! :-) Anyway, becasue of Allie I have a My Favorites folder on IE called "Allie" and under it are all the Caringbridge kids that I have followed for the past 3+ years.

And because of Allie I am so aware of the struggles of families with kids and cancer. There are 5 toddlers with Neuroblastoma in our Southeast Texas town. They all live in a very small radius. Anyway, I read one of their blogs too.

Your journal was and is so honest and open it was easy to get hooked. I am one of the people that probably inflate your hit counter b/c I check daily and then multiple times a day if I don't see an update right away.

Anyway, I hope you keep blogging! We'd miss you if you stopped.

Claire in TX

Tracy said...

Yep, i'm one of the guilty people who have been lurking for a LONG time. Your little Allie will always be in my thoughts { hugs } and Maggie is just little beauty queen :).

Marianne said...

Longtime reader here who is now going to find out who is looking at my blog. You are welcome to check it, if you ever make it to comment 134 that is and see this.

Paul & Robyn: said...


I first started following scotthousehold as a link off of Sam's site.

More importantly I was your nurse in the post partum unit the night you had Miss Maggie!! I remember us having several conversations that night about mothering, babies, and tons of other stuff!!! We also had conversations about my adopting a baby from China....well, after over 2 LONG years of waiting (the wait was originally supposed to be 7 months)we are finally on the brink of traveling to China to become parents. Feel free to check out our blog chasingchinadreams.blogspot.com


Kristin said...

I have followed your family since Baby Allie. I remember checking in on your family on my vacations. I have had a nephew die and your story has given hope and inspiration on how to live despite grief and sorrow. Your little girls are the cutest. I think Maggie is just cute in her rainboots. My all time favorite picture of my little girl is a rainboot picture. My family lives in Seattle. I think originally I found about about Allie on Babycenter....

Kristen said...

Another Allie fan here! I heard of you guys on babycenter- and checked your other site often, and then migrated over here. My Lucy was born within days of your Maggie- and now I live in Texas too- so there you go! Great, great site- and congrats on the active stat counter- you deserve it!

Amy C said...

Hi there! Lurker here...I found out about your family through a Jack Floyd column about you and Dana...I guess in 2004? I followed your website religiously throughout your ordeal so it only seemed natural to continue peering from afar, even all these years later. I live and work in Dallas.

DBN said...

Hello! I started reading when you had a journal on the family site. I don't think you are boring at all! You have a wonderful spirit and I enjoy reading!

mdwiens said...

Hi Jenny!

I too, like so many others, started following your journal when Allie was sick. I'm from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Your girls are both gorgeous! And I have to say you are very inspirational to those of us who sometimes take life forgranted. Thanks for making me appreciate every day just a little bit more! :)

Grady Family said...

Well, to be honest I really can't remember when I started reading...back on Babycenter, then scotthousehold.com, and now blogspot. I can't let go....I love hearing your daily trials and tribulations and your ups and downs. Maggie is beautiful and Allie inspires me.
Please continue writing...I will never find you boring, never.

La Quinta, CA

Tonya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tonya said...

Hi Jenny, I have been a follower since Allie was recently diagnosed. I saw a post on BBC about you and have fallen in love with your two little girls and your family. I left a message a few times while Allie was still fighting. You are an intersting woman, and a very strong, loving mother and wife. I have also followed Sam, Fieldon,and Jacob through you. I am happy that Sam and Fieldon have stopped posting due to good health. I do wonder how they do all the time though. I check your website every 1-2 days for updates. Thank you for your years of dedication. You are such an ispiration to many. I pray that I can be as strong and good of a person as you are. Because of you I am going to be on the bone marrow register as soon as my 14month old daughter has weaned.
Tonya- From Australia

Moi said...

I, too, came over from Allie's site.

We love in the same area, so I feel like I could see you any time I go to Cheddars or the grocery store!

The mom said...

I bet when you posted your last blog entry you really had no idea how many people would comment. You asked!:) I too have been following since Allie's website-how I came upon it, was from someone asking for prayers on another board I frequent. I became interested as I was pregnant with a little girl who whilt in utero was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Thakfully, the tumor never grew much at at 4 weeks old we were told it hand shrunk and shrunk and was no longer there. Like so many others have mentioned, your strength is amazing and you are interesting!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Inga Rós said...

Inga from Iceland here! I´ve been following your and Allie´s story, ever since she became ill. I have no clue how I ended up on her site in the first place but I guess someone must have guided me there.

I love reading your blog and am so thankful for your willingness to open your heart out to us complete strangers.

Keep up the good work.

MamaLlama said...

Hi Jenny! I'm Michele and I s tarted reading Allie's page long ago. I so enjoy reading your blog-thanks for sharing with all of us! Oh, and I am a HS language teacher with a little guy (by adoption) who is five.

Fernanda said...

Hi, Jenny!
Can you see me here, in Sao Paulo, Brazil? I'm from BabyCenter, heard about Allie, followed her story, and she and you inspired me in so many ways... I believe I have told you about how shortly after her death I heard about my SIL's kidness failure and offered her to be a surrogate for them. Well, my surronephew is now 19 months-old and just so cute!
I love reading what you write! And love seeing sweet Maggie! I hope Brandy is doing better too.

Veronica said...

Hi Jenny!
I'm another one who came over from Allie's page. I have a daughter the same age as Maggie (about 11 days younger) so it has been fun to watch her grow up. I enjoy reading your posts but usually have a full lap (we have 8 beautiful kids) and don't comment too often. Happy holidays!

Fernanda said...

ok, I meant kidney, not kidness....

Marisa said...

Jenny~I was on babycenter for my son Zachary...born about the same time as Allie. I followed your journey. When Zachary had to have a major skull reconstruction (6/2004) for a birth defect called craniosynostosis, I followed your site from our week in the hospital. You gave me strength then, and you continue to give me strength to this day. If you could face life with such courage, then certainly I could make it through Zack's surgery and all the subsequent ones. You are an inspiration to so many!

Tse Family said...

I found your site several years ago through a friend and read through Allie's site just randomly checked in today when I checked my friend's old site with Allie's link. Confusing enough? But you will now see Belgium on your blog because that is where we are living now so I had to explain that one.
I have the site meter too and I am addicted to it as well. Our blog is mostly to keep family and friends updated on us while living so far away, but I find a lot of visits from interesting places...not nearly as many as you have! You and your babies have touched so many. Many thanks to you for sharing your story.

Jaime said...

Hi Jenny,
I also followed Allie's story. I don't remember how I found the link, but I've read your blog(s) for a very long time!

Marcy said...

First time caller, long time listener! hee hee! I found your blog several years ago off the Kidd Kradick in the Morning message board. Someone had posted a little blurb about Allie. I was intrigued so I clicked on scotthousehold.com. Little did I know I would fall in love with little Allie. She and my daughter we just months apart. Everynight I would sit in anticipation for an update. Some nights I would laugh and some night I would cry. The day that Allie became an angel I sat in front of my computer sobbing. But now I sit her with an enourmous about of admiration for you for what you have done with your mission! So basically I haven't missed a post or blog in several years. I feel like I know you and Andrew! Oh, and by the way…Maggie is GEORGEOUS beyond words!!

Tiffany said...

Hi Jenny,
I've been following your story since 2004. I was on the (babycenter) Feb. 04 board and saw a post about you. Your story continues to touch me!

Constance said...

Hi Jenny!
I came over from your original website. I first heard of Allie and your family's journey, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News. I check in on you every couple of days to see how you and your lovely family are doing. I promise I will drop you a comment rather than lurking in the bloggy shadows.

up in Denton, Texas!

Michelle ~ Springfield, IL said...

Hello Scott family!

My name is Michelle Smith and I have been reading your posts since way back when Allie was diagnosed. Your entire family and the strength you all have is truley amazing. I originally found out about you through babycenter. I have a November 2002 child.

I am from Springfield, IL!

Take care.


Jessie's_Mama said...

I have been following you all since just slightly before Allie passed. My daughter loved to look at Allie's pictures (she always said....I want to see baby Allie). Now, she continues to look at this site with me...and enjoys the pictures of Maggie. You have the most beautiful children.

God Bless!

Christine said...

Hi Jenny, I'm in Kansas City, and have been reading your blog since before you lost Allie. I don't even remember how I was linked to you, but I have read faithfully ever since. I have cried for you, rejoiced for you, laughed at silly things, and really enjoyed getting to know your family.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your story since when Allie was sick. I prayed for your family and cried for you family when she died. I have followed Maggie since her birth and love the sweet lil girl she is turning into. Many ppl have followed your story for a long time and feel like your family is part of ours!! We love you guys!

mom2brynbri said...

Hi Jenny, I am also a long time reader. I believe someone on pregnancy.org had the link to Allie's story. I have been hooked since then.


Polly Sturm said...

I don't know if it will count or not, but I am an Alaskan transplant trapped in Missouri! I was born and raised in AK and moved away when I was 25. My husband grew up in WI and has had the call of the midwest on him as long as I've known him. I am a SAHM and have four children. I started reading your other site shortly after Allie's transplant. Your sweet giraffe-loving girl has touched my heart and I feel like I know your family (does that sound a bit stalker-ish? LOL). If you ever have some spare time and want to make one less reader face-less, you're welcome to check out my blog. http://strawberrymama.livejournal.com/
Sending love to your family,


Jamie J said...

Hi Jenny,
I originally started following your life when Allie was sick. I think I heard about Allie's struggle through ivillage, but am not positive now. I enjoy hearing about your successes for Heroes for Children as well as the updates about sweet Maggie. Keep up the good work!

Lyndsay said...

Hi Jenny,
I became a faithful follower the minute I first saw Allie's beautiful smile!! I was pregnant with my daughter and (while you were living my worst fears) you and Andrew were such an inspiration and such an amazing example of the pure love of parents.
As a (now 31-year old) survivor of childhood cancer I share your passion to help families of ill children... not that anything I do compares to your amazing work with HFC!
You continue to inspire!

Dawn said...

Hi Jenny! Im Dawn from Milwaukee!!! I followed you on your first site and was a member with you on Allie's Angels/Friends of Allie.

And now i just read you here.

Maggie is getting SO big and I hope Brandy feels better soon! Poor Puppy!

stacey said...

I originally found you through Jen at SugarPhotography then I read all your stuff about Allie. It only made sense to follow you here. You are on my Google Reader and I actually awarded you a Friday Fuzzy once but not sure if you ever got the message. Email me and I will find the post for you!

rae74 said...

Hi Jenny!

I have been reading about your family since I heard about Allie. I have a little girl who was born just before Allie so your story touched me deeply. I'm from Canada so I thought I would say hello too!


Amanda said...

Hmm...tried to do this once already. LOL. I just wanted to say that I have followed you over from Allie's website, you guys have touched my heart in so many ways, and I think that you are awesome people. I will always remember Allie, and the strength that you have. You are an amazing woman, and you have an amazing family, and Maggie is just precious.

Courtney said...

Hi Jenny,

I have been checking in on you and your family since 2004! My daughter was born 3 days after Allie. I have laughed and cried with you countless times over the years. The work you are doing for childhood cancer is truly amazing. I keep you, Andrew, Allie, Maggie and Brandy in my prayers.

Atlanta, Georgia

jessy said...

I started following Allie story from babycenter website also. I have a 3 yr old girl. Our company matches contributions so I have set to donate money to your organization through my work. Thanks for all the work you do. Your family is in my thoughts always - Merry Christmas


♥Kelly♥ said...

Wow that post certainly brought folks out of the woodwork! I'm a baby center Mommy who read your scotthousehold blog when Allie was sick. You've been such an inspiration to me that I couldn't let ya go!! lol


The Carstens Clan said...

Finally - I feel liberated to post and say hello! I never wanted to interfere as I have been snoping on your sites for some time. I was a babycenter mom and have been following you since early 2004. My name is Tina and I am from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I am so captivated by your writing that I am one of your hits that you get daily! Just have to say thanks for inviting us all into your life!

Feel free to check out my family blog too. It is new but inspired by you for sure!

Nice to meet you too!

Doberlady said...

Hi :)

I have been reading since you started a webiste for Allie when she became ill. I have been following you since. I love to read your blog and it reminds me there are good strong people left in the world.

New York

kelleyborgmeyer said...

Hi Jenny,
I am a faithfull Allie follower, I have been here since way back when you had your old website for Allie. I originally found you through babcenter.com and then have just followed you ever since. Maggie is so beautiful! Your blogs are always fun to read, so keep at it! Have a wonderful Holiday!

Kelley, St. Louis, MO

Sasha said...

I started reading your site when Allie was first diagnosed. You have been an inspiration to me! I have since moved from Dallas but have always kept your site in my favorites as well as the Heroes for Children website & blog. Sometimes I feel like Tracey, being the out of towner to the Posse. I miss my friends in Big D and it's always a great time when I can return. Merry Christmas to you & your family. May you have a blessed and happy new year!

christy said...

Hey Jenny,

It's me! Sorry I don't comment often, but I've been a little busy lately ;)

And HI to Lisa and Tracey :) Love you girls!!!

Leakey, Texas

Leah said...

Hi Jenny,
I am a mom of 3 children, ages 11, 8, 4 from San Diego, CA. I first heard about your family from Babycenter when Allie was sick. I have laughed and cried with you from the time of Allie's death, to stories about Maggie. Sometimes it nice to come here and know that there are other moms who have the same type of parenting struggles and dilemma's as me. Your entire family is loved and I truly admire your hard work and everything you have done. Thank You for letting us share your lives!

San Diego

Jamie said...

Aren't you glad you asked everyone to de-lurk?? LOL. Wow!!! Over 170 posts when I got here - holy girl!

I came over here from Allie's site as well. I actually was on the Baby Centre December 2003 boards at the same time as you when she fell ill, so it's been awhile.

So, just de-lurking a second time here. I'm in Canada and still love to hear how you guys are doing!

HollyH said...

Have been a Scott family follower for 3 years....I've had the pleasure of participating in the Light the Night walks, the Family Fun Run/Walk, Heroes for Handbags, etc....I have had the pleasure of meeting Jenny and family, and I assure everyone that she is as genuine and as inspirational in person as she is living in my computer every morning!!!
Holly in Dallas

Gayle said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm a frequent lurker that was also a member of the Dec babycenter boards. My son, Darren, was born Dec 31st. I have loved watching your family grow stronger as you turned a terrible situation into something so giving through the career path you took in honor of Allie. You may not seem like it but you truly are an inspiration to others!
Merry Christmas!

Mary Beth said...

Jenny - I started following your story via Baby Center. With a March 2004 baby, your story was very close to my heart.

I continue to check in for pix of sweet Maggie and just because...despite what Andrew says, you ARE interesting!

I love reading about HFC and your amazing accomplishments.

T-Bone said...

Hi from Frisco Jenny-I've been peeking in on you guys since Allie was sick. I'm a mom of a 15-month old little lady, two dogs and a cat. (We also had ourselves a few very worthwhile but vacation obliterating trips to DVSC with our late golden and weimie.) I've always wanted to reach out and say hi, but felt like it would be intruding as so many others have said. Thanks for offering the opportunity! Check out our little one's blog if you would like to do so www.beauandkara.blogspot.com. You inspired me to install the statcounter on our blog. So far I think I have been the only visitor to our blog--what's up with that!? Anyway, glad to say hi. Kara

Rebecca said...

hi jenny--i am probably one of your more "exotic" posters--i'm in tel aviv, israel. i've been with you since very shortly after allie's diagnosis--i also found you through babycenter.com, like so many others. I used to post occasionally on scotthousehold.com, i lived in san francisco then. i check on you every few days--i really grew to love you and your family in 2004 (which i still think of as the "allie summer") and it is a thrill to be able to watch your life evolve. and, you are a great writer! thanks for the encouragement to out ourselves.


SCMommaof2 said...

Hi Jenny, Andrew, Maggie, and Brandy!

I came to "know" your beautiful family from the BB on BBC which linked us to the Dec 03 board. I then went on to the FOA MSN page and then to the ScottFamilyHousehold, and finally resting here! :)

Allie has been an inspiration to me and thousands of other strangers across the globe and to sneak a peek into your world helps me see that you're healing and keeps me connected to Allie and the rest of you a bit. I cried right along with you during her battle and sat by myself in my computer room with a lit candle during her candle light vigil.

Thanks for selflessly sharing your life and the lights that continue to make it brighter for you!

Oh- btw- I am in South Carolina!

P.S. Are you really reading all of these comments? That's a lot!

SCMommaof2 said...

Oops, my name is Erica! Forgot to add that! :)

Ree said...

HI! I'm Ree and have been following your story since Allie's diagnosis. I have family that lives in the Dallas area, so I felt extra close. Now I live in England. Little Maggie is SOOO adorable! Hope little 'Bee Bee' is doing better as well.


kayla said...

hi jenny!
i too have followed your story since your original site for allie. i look forward to your updates and check multiple times daily.
you have such a way with words and are always bringing me to tears.
i'm so glad little maggie is doing well... what a doll!
each time i have special prayers, i pray to allie. i know she is looking down on all of us!
May God bless you and your sweet family...

Cindy said...

Hi Jenny,
I have been following your blog since sweet Allie was sick. I found the link through babycenter. You have inspired me in so many ways, your strength is amazing! I read many of your posts with tears streaming down my cheeks. You are an incredible woman.
Eau Claire, WI

mom2sierra said...

Hi there from northern Va. I have been reading since your posts on Allie. You are an inspiration to many!


Maggie - Mom of Six said...

Hi, I'm Maggie. I started reading Allie's sight and when you jumped over here, I just kind of followed. I have enjoyed watching Maggie grow, she is such a cutie. And I like keeping up with Brandy, too. I have six children and 1 golden retriever and 1 mutt and a bunch of chickens. You have a beautiful family. Feel free to stop by my blog sometime.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jenny. This is Elizabeth from Houston. I have been a follower of your blogs since your first post on scotthousehold.com. You and your beautiful family have been apart of my life for a little over 3 1/2 years! Thank you for allowing all of us into your life, your journey has changed my life and helped shaped me into the person/mother I am today. And I am proud to report that I am 7 months pregnant with a little girl who will be named Allison in your daughter's honor! I'll be sure to send you pics. in February after Allie's arrival!

ttrav15 said...

Talk about techno savvy. I can't even figure out how to post a comment on here....

I'm Tonya from Seattle. I too have been following your story for quite some time. I simply never knew you could care so much for someone you have never met. But, your little Allie meant so much to me. I cried for days when she passed away. You wrote of her so eloquently that I felt I knew her personally. I have prayed for you and your family often. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Shannon said...

I am another one who has been following your blog since Allie. My name is Shannon and I am a mom of 4 from Virginia. :)

Lisa L said...

Hey Jenny - I found you through sweet baby Allie's site also! The work you are doing for HFC is amazing..thank you. Lisa

theclarksgirl said...

Hi Jenny! My name is Hollie. I am a stay at home mom to one son, Ian, and from Pittsburgh, PA.

I've been following your story for along time. I don't even remember how I learned about your Angel Allie but I read daily, prayed for you, and cried along with you as well. I just followed you onto here when you made the move!

Your strength has been an inspiration to me. I love how you speak with such raw emotion and honesty. Thank you for sharing you story with us!

beezer9212 said...

Hi Jenny,

My name is Kristin and I live on Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. I believe I found a link on Babyzone to Allie's webpage asking for prayers right before she passed away. I am the mother of two children (ages 8 and 6)and am greatly inspired by your courage and positive outlook.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to "introduce" myself.

May you and your beautiful family have a very happy holiday and a blessed 2008.

JillDG said...

Hi Jenny!
I am Jill from Texas and I have two amazing kiddos, Jaden (4) and Jenna (1). I was first introduced to Allie's site through my then iVillage playgroup Summer of 2004. My heart broke when you lost Allie and I've kept your family in my thoughts and prayers since. I only get a chance a couple times a month to read your blog, but I have always enjoyed your writing and hearing about Maggie. I pray that your family has a wonderful Christmas! Jill

Loryn said...

Hi Jenny!

I'm Loryn from Maryland. I've followed your story since learning about Allie through Babycenter. I love to hear about how wonderful Heroes is doing and how amazing your little Maggie is.

Merry Christmas!

Donna said...

Well, if nobody signed on while I was reading, I'll be #199! I heard about you on the September '99 Babycenter board and followed you from Scotthousehold.com to Caringbridge to Blogger. I work with Janelle Feyh, mom to another angel.

I cast another vote for a guest appearance update from Fieldon and Sam!!! Can you convince them to throw us a holiday picture or two?

Hope Brandy has been able to ditch the cone!

Rossville, KS
alias jhawkmamax2

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