Thursday, December 27, 2007

If this is vacation, I'm ready to go back to work!

What have I done so far today? Well, let's see...

Wash the dishes

Cleaned the kitchen

Did four loads of laundry

Picked up the toys

Played Play Doh

Played puzzles and stickers

Made homemade cinnamon rolls

Dressed up with the princess

It's only 1:45!!! Are you serious? I've got more laundry to do, finish cleaning the house (thank goodness the housekeeper is here to help clean the toilets!), squeeze in a little bit of work while Maggie naps, and then get ready for the neighborhood annual After Christmas Party.

For those stay at home moms out there--I have the utmost respect for you.


T-Bone said...

Hey Jenny--that sounds a lot like my day! Subtract squeeze in a little work, add pick up dog poop from the yard and pick playdoh out of dogs' hair and we have had identical days!

StacieM said...

I did the SAHM thing for a year and a half and going back to work has been like a vacation. That sounds terrible I know but it's hard work. I too have nothing but respect for people who do it day in and day out.

Lisa said...

Yep. I worked for the first 20 months of my daughters life and then became a SAHM mom to Sophie (now 4) and Sam (almost 2) and I have to say that I found it much "easier" going to work! Well, easy in some ways and not easy in other ways. BUt I have the utmost respect for working moms too. Simply put, we all have challenges of one sort or another.

Adrianne said...

No kidding I had to send the kids back to school (daycare), plus they were begging to go back, just to get some rest! Hey this is my vacation too!!

Mary Beth said...

Yep, sounds like a typical day. Ack! Trying to work at home and take care of the household is just mind boggling!

Enjoy the rest of your "vacation"!

Jennifer said...

Oh I had to laugh at this post - for years all I wanted to do was be a sahm. But then when I had my kids and I couldn't afford to be one I envied those that could. But then on weekends when I go home I have fun with my kids and catch up on household stuff...and by Sunday I'm ready for work on Monday again. :) I have to toally agree - sahm's are not given nearly the amount of credit they deserve! I appreciate my kids so much more when I can get away from them for just a little while and have some adult interaction. My husband has told me that by Sunday night I'm a lot less patient than I was on Friday night. LOL! Some people are made for it, some aren't...I definitely am not one of them. :)

Shannon said...

Busy, Busy day indeed! I hope you are continuing to enjoy your "vacation!" It was so great to see you the other day.

I am still working on that potty training thing with Abagail, but she is not to fond of the idea. Hopefully soon she will catch on. I realized the other day that I have been changing diapers for almost 9 years consecutively and that is entirely too many diapers.

Shannon Ford

SpenceOhana said...

LOL...yup that about sums up my day almost everyday! You got to admit, playing dress up is fun!