Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas

What a great Christmas! Today was back to work for Andrew and a work from home day for me while Munchie played at my mom's. We're home the rest of the week (though I expect I will squeeze in some work time when I can). We still have lots to do before my official vacation ends on January 2nd and my slow month of work ends. January through May will be busy, but I know I will continue to search for some balance between home and work. We've had two sleepovers with the Krieger boys (Josh is here playing video games right now and I'm not needed so long as Andrew is playing Mario with him!), lots of time with family, two parties, a visit with some friends, and a quiet New Year's Eve game night here with the Kriegers. I feel so lucky with my life and so blessed to have the wonderful people that surround me each day.

Here are some Christmas pictures!

Proud of her pigtails that Aunt Amie ("Maimy") made for her.

A cousin's Christmas! Max, Isabella, and Maggie on Christmas Eve

Dancing with Max

Can anyone say it's time for gymnastics class? She taught herself how to do sommersaults!

Christmas morning--Her new sleep mat with attached pillow to take to school. She loves it! She's sleeping with it now in her crib. Speaking of cribs, her Nana bought her a new bed! We're going to begin transitioning very soon. My baby is growing up!

Snow White and her Snow White doll
When Ga Ga comes with a wagon, you know she bought a lot of presents? Crazy thing? This was only half. She left the other half at her house to open after dinner Christmas day.
Opening more presents at Ga Ga's house. The bows? Red sparkle bows to match her new red "sparkle shoes." She also has them in hot pink, but I hate when she wears them with her school uniform.
Cinderella! Or, as her principal at school likes to call her--Magerella! She loves this costume because it reminds her of Tracey's daughter "Pincess Lucy." As soon as she put it on, she started giggling and saying, "Mama, I Lucy!!"
My family--Maggie, me, my mom Sharon, my brother Jeremy, and my "Mom Mom" Sarah
Maggie's biggest fans--Mama and Ga Ga!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate. I know we sure did! Aren't the holidays way more fun with kids?


Anonymous said...

Oh! These pics made my day!!! Maggie is so beautiful in her cute girly clothes! Her smile says it all, she had an awesome Christmas and I'm so glad you did too~! Thanks for sharing! So cute! :) Let me know if you have a free day anytime soon! :)


Debbie said...

You guys all look so good! I can't believe how much Izzy and Max have grown!!! Love to you all...and yes we will see a movie long as my back stops aching!!!!

Krissy said...

Maggie is such a beautiful little girl! LOVE all the pictures. :)
Holidays ARE more fun with kids. The older they get and the more into Christmas they get....the more fun it is. My DD is 5, and I swear the holidays are a blast. Never a dull moment. :)

Constance said...

Christamas is better when there are little kids in the picture. My last 2 are nearly grown and gone and Christmas is not quite the same anymore. Savor every moment!
Connie Hopkins

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - and Lucy LOVES Princess Maggie in her Cinderella outfit. Love you and I think we need to make the Christmas Day phone call an annual tradition. ;)

Melissa said...

OOOO all the princess stuff! My daughter is still a little young but she is aready getting into that stuff, and I can't wait!!!!! I just think it is so adorabble when little girls are playing dress up!!

Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

SCMommaof2 said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the pics Jenny! I LOVE the pic with her in her snow white costume and then the adoring look on Andrews face in the background. I can literally feel the love he has for his little girl through the computer screen... just wow!

I also love the somersault pic! What a limber little girl you've got there-- gymnastics looks like an immediate future for her. :)

As always, thanks for sharing!

Erica :)

Andrea said...

Merry Christmas!! Isn't it the best to be surrounded with love and family?! Those pictures are the best! I love seeing Maggie grow up!

Coleen said...

Two comments - Brinley taught herself to saumersault about that age and so we enrolled her in gymnastics. she stopped rolling all together and we quit after about a month. Second comment: Brinley has the same Cinderella dress up outfit that Jason gave her. She likes dress up so much now that we probably go through 8-10 outfits per day. "Brinley put some clothes on" is probably one of the more common things you can hear me say and thank goodness she can change her own clothes! Amen to your post about stay at home moms!!! I don't think I could ever do it-I would go nuts!