Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Sugar Filled Christmas House

It's the little things people. It's the little things that make me happy and that bring me utter joy. It's the fact that I get to now look at this picture hanging over my mantle everyday...

Oh yes, a giant 20x24 gallery wrapped canvas of my Scott family love. Oh wait, not enough? Check out my playroom....

God love you, Jen Weintraub. Sugar Photography has filled my home! My heart swells when I walk into a room and see my family captured by my great friend. Really, how can you not be happy when you see this each day?

If that wasn't enough, my house is filled with Christmas spirit. Granted, it isn't the "Winter Wonderland" that is my mother's house (Santa exploded into a million little pieces in every crevice of her house), but it still makes me happy. I love a Christmas tree. I love decorating the tree and love to see every elses tree. Ours is a classic hodge podge tree. I lovingly spend time unwrapping all the ornaments, laughing at the memories, and cringing at watching Maggie try to help hang an ornament.

This is my favorite ornament.

Let me tell you the story. This was a gift from a family friend when Allie was born in 2003. It was her first ornament and I was so proud to put it up. The following year, it was painful to make the decision to put out a tree three months after the death of our daughter. When I found this ornament, I realized why I love it so much. Look at the other side...

"Angel Baby." This was given to me one week after Allie was born her very first Christmas. And yet, how prophetic was it that it has her name, the words Angel Baby, and wings? So perfectly appropriate for my forever angel baby. I love it, and I am sure to give it the most prominent position on my tree each and every year. A few of my other favorites include:
Maggie's special ornament.

Heroes for Children 2006 ornament made by Cheryl.

Adorable Andrew, age 2. Really--how freaking cute is he??

What would the Scott tree be without some Sugar love as an ornament? Ah bliss. I love my Sugar filled Christmas house!!! Happy Holidays everyone!


Constance said...

Beautiful memories! Sometimes they can hurt but they can also sustain us with HOPE! Christmas with children around is the absolute best! Enjoy and savor every moment! My youngest is 17 and it's bittersweet to remember those magical years. Now I have grandchildren that keep the magic alive!
Merry Christmas!

Amanda said...

I absolutely LOVE the colors in your house!!!! I have a red dining room and I love it!!! Red is my favorite color! :) Christmas with a child is by far the best time of year. Seeing all the magic through their eyes....ahh it's just magical! Happy Holidays to you!!!

Cookie's Mommy said...

Just wanted to wish Angle Allie a happy birthday today! hugs and kisses form far away!

2boystwingirls said...


I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with peace, happiness and beautiful memories.

Your home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Love seeing the ornaments and canvases. Now, really, aren't those canvases worth it?

Although, to be fair, your house is no winter wonderland.


LOVE YOU and thinking of you today! Hope y'all can make it down to see Princess Lucy soon.

Mary Beth said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family.

I love decorating for Christmas, too.

Happy Birthday to Angel Allie.

T-Bone said...

Happy Birthday to Angel Allie.

Christmas decorating is so much. We seem to be channeling Clark W. Griswold ourselves.

The Sugar pics are wonderful!


Carolein said...

Your photos and decorating looks absolutely beautiful! I love the ornaments too!!

Happy Birthday, Angel Allie!!!! I'm sure you're having the YUMMIEST and most BEAUTIFUL cake in Heaven!!

With love,

Carolein & Family

T-Bone said...

try so much FUN. That makes a little more sense. Where's an editor when you need one?

Kathi said...

I completely choked up when I saw the "Allie - 2003" ornament. And, it's her birthday! Happy birthday, Angel Allie

Beautiful tree, beautiful home!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. I've been following your story since summer '04 after hearing Allie on the BabyCenter March '04 board.

Sugar Photography said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Allie!



Kelly said...

What beautiful photo's! I love that!!!

Thinking of you all today! Happy Birthday sweet, sweet Allie!

karen3480 said...

Happy Birthday Allie!

Your house is nice I really love all the special ornaments.

We have some special ornaments. Each one of us kids has a gold ornament with our names that my aunt bought us when we were babies. I have a little brother Danny who was stillborn and he's the only kid without an ornament and I have always debated buying one for my parents but I wonder whether it would upset them and make them sad on Christmas morning when they opened up that present. That's the only thing that has ever stopped me from buying him one.

Adrianne said...


jgdeegan said...

Happy Birthday, Angel Baby Allie! What a special ornament to have on your tree. It definitely deserves a prominant position on the tree. You're in my thoughts today, as always.

LOVE the Sugar portraits on the walls! The three of Maggie in the playroom look amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you all today, and thinking about Allie's birthday, too. I hope you find the best ways to commemorate the day. The ornament is so perfect -- Angel Allie. Hugs to you all today.

hilary said...

Beautiful pics...
Thinking of your family and sweet Allie today.

Saint Richard said...

That Weintraub girl is pretty talented, huh? Your house looks beautiful.

And nice job using "Happy Holidays".

Happy Festivus!

Jodi said...

It's a special day for angels. Happy Birthday Allie!

Megan Williamson said...

Happy Birthday Allie!

Your walls look so wonderful. I love me some Sugar canvases.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Allie!

Jenny, I love your house. And all those pictures are awesome.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Jen, the California one.

Anonymous said...

Love all the Christmas decorations.. simply gorgeous!!

Thinking of you today! Happy Birthday Sweet Allie!!

Alicia said...

Happy birthday to the sweetest angel! Bless you and your family this holiday season.

Shannon said...

Jenny the pictures are so beautiful. As always thinking of you at this time of year.

Happy Holidays from Canada


Teresa said...

Thinking of you today. God bless.

K said...

Hi Jenny,

I love the photos! I was thinking about you and Angel Allie today...I'm sure this day is bitter sweet for you...I hope you spent the day doing things that made you smile.

Allie made and continues to make such a difference in the lives of so many people. She was one lucky little girl to have you for her Mama!


Kellie said...

What beautiful photos! Jen *is* amazing! I know her from a photog. forum!

Love your tree and Allie's ornament is perfect!

Have a Merry Christmas with your beautiful family :)

Laura said...

Jen's pictures are truly stunning, your house is definitely filled with images of love! Love seeing the Christmas ornaments too, such precious keepsakes. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Cinnamon said...

Beautiful pictures and ornaments! My eyes teared up at the site of Allie's ornament.

Franklin5 said...

OooOOOooohhh! I LOVE seeing the canvases up! I know how agonizing it is to narrow your choices when you have so many fabulous photos to choose from, but the results are so worth it.

And: Maggie in the tutu against the blue wall, times three? LOVE. THEM. SO. MUCH.

Andrea said...

Love the portraits!! They are gorgeous! And those ornaments.. How special! Happy belated birthday to Angel Allie!!