Friday, December 14, 2007

Why I love my job this week

1. Heroes Milestones had it's first recipient and event. Check out our HFC Blog for Christi's full write up about how one young man's life will soon end (but with a bang!). I cannot tell you how excited this office as been for this project.

2. I cried during a board meeting this week trying to express my extreme gratitude to the four original board members that are now rolling off--my FIL Jim, my wonderful mother Sharon, my great friend and cancer mom Dana, and my friend Randal. Why are they rolling off? No, I promise we didn't kick them off! We have three year board terms in place. The original members recognized the need to have a rotating system of board members so that we always have new board members coming on (we have five out of 15 new next year). It wasn't easy to realize that these former members have attended their last meeting, but it was with love and the desire for the organization to continue to grow and succeed that they did it. It was one of the most emotional board meetings we've ever had, ending with big hugs and lots of tears. Not sure who cried harder--me or Randal!

3. Just call me Santa! Since we implemented our new Holiday Heroes program this year, I've had the extreme pleasure and honor to be apart of the gifting to cancer families. We had a party hosted by the Pi Phi's at SMU on Saturday for families to come and get their gifts. Some were unable to attend due to illness, so I personally drove out to their homes to deliver. The last family out of fourteen in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio will get their gifts tomorrow. My mom and I are driving to Ft. Worth, and my mother in law Frances is meeting us there.

4. Yesterday, I got the chance to leave for a few hours to volunteer at Maggie's school. I love that I have a job that affords me that time for my child. I didn't have that as a teacher.

5. This afternoon, I was given my Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership from my 14 week leadership program at the Center for Nonprofit Management. Recognizing the benefit for our organization and my development as a leader, HFC covered the cost of this program. I'm so proud of my framed certificate that I received at the graduate luncheon today!

6. We spent more than $14,000 on families this week!! Seriously--that is more than we gave out in the first two months as Heroes for Children!!! And last week was more than $10,000. I love, love, LOVE these numbers!! I love what it means for this families and how it makes a difference in their lives. I love that this holiday season, that is one less strain for them.

7. Tomorrow night is our staff Holiday party at my house. We're having a mexican fiesta with margaritas and all! The kids are going to the Rayson's home (our board chairman and 5K race chair's home) to be with babysitters. Good thing the Raysons live on our street! Very convenient. Have I mentioned before how much I truly love and respect the beautiful ladies I get to work with? That they amaze me each and every day with their talents, strength, caring, and passion? Or that they make me laugh and bring a smile to my face all the time? Well, if I haven't, it's true. Larissa, Cheryl, Christi, and Cricket are the best!

8. I've made some great friends because of Heroes for Children. Our awesome volunteer turned friend Megan is having the entire Scott family over for dinner, toy time with Maggie and Hopper, and video games for Andrew and Damon! I'm so looking forward to Sunday night.

9. I got this note from one of my social workers the other day at the bottom of her application for assistance for one of her patients--"ITS NICE TO HAVE ANGELS LIKE YOU AROUND - YOU MAKE MY JOB WORTH WHILE. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. THANKS FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE A GOOD DAY. IF I DIDN'T HAVE A RESOURCE TO GO TO WHEN I HAVE A FAMILY IN NEED - EMOTIONALLY I WOULDN'T MAKE IT IN THIS TYPE OF WORK. I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DO. LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!" Can I tell you how much this made my day??

10. Allie's birthday is Monday. I have a job that honors her each day. I am bringing Munchie to the office in the morning and then we're heading to the hospital to take Dr. G his annual birthday cake in honor of his "birthday baby." How lucky am I that I have a job that lets me do this kind of thing without any problems?

So, you see--I love my job. Last month was our third anniversary of being Heroes for Children. Three years!! And the great thing is that I know we have many more years to come!


Grady Family said...

You are VERY lucky to have such an amazing job. But only an amazing person, with such a big heart, could have do what you do everyday. I am a teacher and a mom and I know first hand the struggle and pull I have now that my daughter is in preschool. I wish I had more freedom too.

Congrats on three successful years and here's to many more ahead!


Teresa said...

I am so happy for you.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Happy Birthday to Allie. I will be thinking of her.

Anonymous said...

Lucy is sitting here beside me when I pulled this up, and goes "MAGGIE!!" when she say her picture (I honestly don't know how she knew that) and then goes "Look Momma, it's your FRIEND!" (pointing at you). She then requested that Maggie comes over and plays in her room.

So there you go. Maggie has been invited by her girl crush Lucy to come play. Best friends already.

And I am so very happy for you that you love your job so much. That is awesome. It's great that you have that flexbility - I would love to find a job with that, but alas, social worker, teacher or school counselor - they all have about the same. Which is not much. :) At least in education I have school vacations off...

Cathy said...


It is so wonderful to read how fulfilled you feel, and how much good HFC is doing. Allie is watching you with such pride. Maggie will grow to know that her parents are incredibly kind, giving people with enormous hearts. Thank you for all that you do.

Question - Speaking of Dana, her last blog entry mentioned that her breast cancer had come back and there have been no further posts since then. I know that a lot of people are concerned for her and wondering how she is doing. Could you share a bit of an update with us?

Happy, happy holidays.
San Diego

Heroes for Children said...

Cathy--Dana is AMAZING!! I know that I have not blogged about her or her situation. She asked me not to blog about it as you chose not make it very public this round. As you can tell from the following still on this blog, we had a LOT of people following us.

So, in respect for her, I did not blog. However, I am happy to tell you that she is doing REALLY well. She's cancer free after her double mastectomy and moving forward with her life. The twins are now 7 and doing FABULOUS in the first grade. I try to see her at least once a month and talk to her every week or so. We're both so busy these days with life, work, families, etc that it took us nearly four weeks to schedule a lunch!

Thanks for checking on her!

Fu Girls said...

Hey Jenny! I confess I have been stalking you since Allie got sick and word was passed through the December (all boards really) to pray for her. My First daughter was also born in December, I was a SK's member at the time. I always think about Allie, I am sending you virtual hugs and Happy Birthday wishes to You and Her this Monday. My Daughter turns 4 on the 21st. We have a group of friends here that have followed your blogs and we all participate in Light the Night now and think about Your Family often. Your an INCREDIBLE Woman! You should be proud of what You have created in Allie's Memory. Your doing a Wonderful thing...

Seriously your a Hero!
Jenny in Lynnwood, WA

Ihavangel said...


What you do is amazing the passion you have is awesome. Congrats on 3 years for HCF this organization is truly run by Angel's here on earth and in heaven.

Happy Birthday to your Sweet Angel Allie.

Anonymous said...

HFC ROCKS and so do you. Thinking about Allie this weekend. Happy birthday, beautiful angel!

Hope you have a very good day on Monday.

Gayle said...

Oh how you make my heart swell! The things you get to do daily to honor Allie is absolutely beautiful!

Happy Birthday Allie & Dr. G!
Fresno, CA