Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nothing of interest

In an attempt to post, I came here tonight to write. I got nothing. Nothing much of interest here. A few things:

  1. Shopping is done. Wrapping to do tomorrow. We had a quick meeting with the big man, but Maggie was not too impressed with Santa. We're wrapping gifts tomorrow night when Maggie has her sleepover with my mom.
  2. We're here for the holidays. I am working from home for the next week and a half. We have some playdates and sleepovers with our friends kids here at our house planned.
  3. Maggie is sick with yet another sinus infection. It's her fourth in five months! She and Andrew are both miserable with sinus issues and her sinus have backed up so badly they are now draining out her eye (which means she is contagious of course with conjuctivitis). Andrew is home with her tomrorow so I can attend a funeral of a nine year old boy who died of bone cancer this week.
  4. Brandy is recovering quite well. Staples were removed last week and the cone is off (which makes her so much happier). We need to start physical therapy soon and she still has another 8 weeks of walking on a leash to go potty. Fun, right? Not so much!
  5. I'm apparently liking lists these days on the blog. I am a person who loves to create lists (you knew you liked me, didn't you Amy Franklin??). You can just about always find a white note pad on my desk with a long to-do list. I take extreme pleasure in crossing things off my list (that and crossing days off a calendar!!) and then re-writing it when enough items are completed. I love a nice neat list!

So that's it. Nothing exciting. Really, when all I can think of to put on a list of what is going on is the fact that I like to make lists, that should tell you something. Maybe Andrew was right....not very interesting at all.


Paraengine said...

Hi Jenny~
I am very much a list person too. I sometimes have several in my purse at one time. With 2 small kids I forget once I walk into a store :)

Dana said...

OH, I'm bad with lists, you should fly to MD and make me some :-) And, get this, I'm in charge of the action items from our meetings at work--not fun--LOL.

At any rate, I'm jealous, I'm still waiting, VERY nervously, for some presents to arrive. I've got grand plans to go re-buy them on X-mas Eve if they don't come by then, then return the ones that I'm waiting for. Ugh!


Adrianne said...

Gosh I wish I liked lists....

Mary Beth said...

I LOVE lists! Any kinds of lists - lists of things to do, lists of gifts to buy, lists of lists to make! LOL I love lists.

Your holiday prep is further along than mine, for sure!

Life ticks on said...

I love to make them too! Of course right now with 4 kids and sports, full time school and a chairman board position at our local lodge and (yeah and there is an AND!) volunteering at the local elementary school I have too much to do.

hehe but the lists help me prioritize stuff like homework and jobs HAHA.

H'mama said...

I love lists. They are my help line for EVERYTHING. List people know whats up.

And don't listen to Andrew, I come here to see what is going on in your life. Gives me a break from my own. And with two small kids, sometimes I need that.

Amanda said...

I love to make lists too. Even just easy stuff to complete--gives me a sense of accomplishment when I scratch them off!

Glad to hear Brandy is doing good. Enjoy your time off work for the holidays!

Cookie's Mommy said...

i am always making's a good thing I have a somewhat photographic memory, cause I always forget where I put the darn list....

Kelly said...

I am JUST LIKE YOU with lists! I LOVE to make lists and when they get to sloppy from crossing stuff off adding to it or whatever, I make up a new one. So glad I am not alone with the list thing! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love lists too. Only since graduating college have I used them but what a wonderful thing. I too like to write anything and everything in list form. Happy Holidays & I hope Maggie's sinus infection goes away soon!!

Franklin5 said...

Oh, my goodness. As if I really needed yet another reason to adore you, you give me lists.

And not just any lists: oh, no ma'am. REWRITTEN lists, because when they're nice and neat and pretty, it doesn't even matter how farfetched the to-do items are.

Because seriously? I think I've written "Exercise!" on every single to-do list I've ever drafted in my entire life, which NEVER, not ever gets crossed out.