Sunday, March 30, 2008

In An Attempt to be Cooler

I've mentioned before that I was never part of the popular crowd as a kid. I most definitely was not the cool kid in class that everyone wanted to be friends with. I tended to be well liked enough to discuss a topic in English class, but not hang out with in the lunchroom. I got along with most people, but never found my niche. Well, that is until junior year of high school when I found a kindred spirit.

I don't keep up with the times--always slightly behind on the trends though catching up eventually. Didn't get a Hypercolor shirt until it was just on the tailend of being popular. Bummer too--it was pink and I thought I looked pretty sharp. No surprise that I didn't get to order the shoes until everyone I know in Highland Park not only has a pair but an assortment of colors (oh, by the way--they came in finally. They don't fit--wrong size. So, it continues).

And now my friends, I am finally jumping on the bandwagon of another trend. At our board retreat, I was one of few not pulling one out of a purse or pocket. I didn't have it to check at meetings or whip out during a lunch appointment. So, enough was enough. I envied at Jen and Amy for having one. I borrowed my husbands on occassion thinking about how cool I could be. If only.

Now? I can feel myself getting cooler by the second. Well, that is after Andrew sets it up and shows me how to use it.


Devan said...

Hypercolor shirts - ha! Oh Jenny, you take me back! I actually washed mine and slept in it until the "hyper" was no more . . .

Anonymous said...

oh come ON. You too? Now I'M the loser for not having one. Am I the last one in our group?

And I beg to differ on you not being part of the cool crowd now missy. I think you run with very, very cool cats.

Debbie said...

Hey Tracey- i don't have one either!!

And this also kills me because now we no longer have free tmobile to tmobile minutes. How are we going to talk with out getting in trouble now!!

And we are the cool crowd now baby!!!

Can't wait to see your new toy!!

Sugar Photography said...

welcome to the dark side. I think I can hear megan screaming from here

tricia said...

Whoa, what an expense just to be cool.

Kelly said...

Ha....I guess I'm one step behind you in the cool department. I can't see myself getting an I-phone anytime soon. And since when are Hypercolor t-shirts no longer all the rage? hee hee

Franklin5 said...

Okay: how cool is this? I'm reading about your iPhone... on MY iPhone. Squeak!

I do have one tongue-in-cheek word of warning, however: my (sputter) twentieth high-school reunion is next month... and even with my super-cool gadget in hand, I don't feel one iota cooler when I think about seeing all of those faces again.

Although at least now I have the benefit of using my iPhone GPS to find a seat in the lunchroom.

Have fun iPhoning...

P.S. I so adore that picture of you and Debbie.

Kelly said...

P.S. - I have some pictures and a video "snippet" on my blog from our Wiggles concert last week. It was WONDERFUL!! Check it out if you get a chance! I know you guys are going in August. I highly recommend biting the bullet and buying the closest tickets you can get. We were in the 5th row and my daughter and niece spent most of their time up in front of the stage dancing. It was well worth the extra money!!

Megan Williamson said... I guess this means your emails too will now say at the bottom "sent from my iphone"

so jealous.

I read your blog, ran downstairs pouting to Damon about how you just got an iphone and he says:
"Don't worry Megan, I'm sure all of them want your t-mobile sidekick."

Ya, the one that NEVER has reception. Internet feature doesn't work. And can only get text's most of the time?!

I can't wait to see it. I promise I won't get to much drool on it.