Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our worst critics

A conversation in our office yesterday in preparation for the big stress of "what to wear" to our Live Auction/Underwriting party at the Rosewood Mansion tonight--

Me: I was going to wear that dress I wore last week, but then I saw the pictures of me. Why didn't anyone tell me that I looked so fat in it? I thought I looked good, but I looked horrible!

Christi: Well, I saw the pictures of me and saw how white my legs were. I should have definitely wore those hose. It was bad.

Larissa: Well, I saw the picture of me and wished that someone had edited out my lines by my eyes. I looked terrible.

Got to love the joys of being a woman. In the end, I emailed the pictures to my Posse and asked for the honest truth. Yes, girlfriend, you don't looked good in that dress. Yes, you need to find something else. I found three options and ended up with a little black dress and a red necklace.

I'm sure I'll hate the pictures later. And I have three more weeks to fit back into the dress I want to wear to the Houston Heroes and Handbags event. I was about six pounds lighter back then, so it is just a little snug! Wore it two years ago in Dallas, so I want to wear to the Houston event. No clue what to wear to Dallas (trust me, I can't wear something I've already worn). Oh, the stress!


Carolein said...


The dress from 2 years ago is absolutely beautiful!! Black is always a sure way to go when it comes to dresses.

Believe me, I'm facing kinda the same dilemma. One of my husband's BFF is getting married in May. Like you, I've been struggling with weight (5'4" and 203 pounds; I've lost 14 pounds now since January 1st). I've been cutting back on portions, substituting brown rice in place of potatoes and white rice, adding LOTS more veggies to my day, etc. I've just started walking again this week (it's been cold here in Long Island, NY, but been warming up the last couple of days). My goal is to try to drop another 20-30 pounds by May 23 (about 2 to 2 1/2 pounds per week for the next 12 weeks). If I can get down to about 180ish, I'm treating myself to something new. But since I don't think dresses look good on me, I'm going with a pant suit for the wedding.

My regimen right now is walking Mon, Wed and Fri for about 1 1/4-1 1/2 miles. Breakfast (1 Bran Muffin, 1 glass of water and 1 banana); 2 snacks during the day (1 cup No Sugar Added Strawberry Applesauce--Mott's makes it---and 1 100 calorie snack pack); Lunch (Lean Pocket with either a salad or a cup of brown rice and steamed veggies); and Dinner (balanced meal with LOTS of steamed veggies and brown rice). So far it seems to be working. I told my husband that if I can get down to 180, I'm treating myself to a pant suit from the mall---no matter what the cost!

And if I can accomplish that by May 23rd?? Well then I'll be treating myself to a trainer as well, twice a week, to see if I can knock a bit more off between then and another friend's wedding in late September!

Keep going girl; it's worth it!



Adrianne said...

Gotta love the, man I hate to see myself in pictures dilemma! I am sure you all looked great!!

Anonymous said...

I promise to always tell you when a dress does not flatter your natural beauty.

:) Love you.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Jenny. You are gorgeous in the pics I've seen of you. When I'm really down on myself (and that is often these days... way too much spandex holding me in underneath everything), I try to remember that this body made and nurtured two gorgeous kids. Your body did the same. Gotta give some props to the bod today... it might not be our collective ideal, but these bodies have done something amazing! In our cases, done it twice.

That said, I'm still not comfortable in any of my size 14s and if I don't lose 40 lbs will they let me have the breast reduction next year? I know I should be grateful for healthy ones, but right now I'm popping out of my 40Hs and that's no lie. I'm popping out of Lane Bryant H cups. It's like I'm some freakish porn queen only all of it is natural. I'm secretly glad for the yeast infection that is making me ridiculously itchy right now between the gals because it is yet another indication of "medical necessity" for the insurance co. That, and the massive grooves in my shoulders.

I know we should be satisfied with our beautiful minds and hearts, but I would really love to fit into something that isn't plus size right now.

Keep up the good work!

Life of the Leatherberry's said...

I don't know you personally:) BUT from the pictures I have seen of you I think you are sooo pretty! I am sure you didn't look THAT horrible in that dress!! And when you get all dressed up for the Heroes and Handbags event you will look even hotter in your new/old dress!! :) Isn't a pain being a woman sometimes!?

Melissa said...

boy, I feel ya on that!!! I'm 30 pounds above what I want to be and I think I look nice when I go out and then I see a pic and its like "holy crap I look like a sausage roll!!!!" ack!!