Saturday, March 22, 2008

What to blog about?

Every night this week I have come to this page on Blogger to create a new blog. I take a look for a second, then close it up. I can't think of a topic. Then I come back a few hours later thinking I've come up with just the right thing. And what happens? Nada.

According to my stat counter, people are still coming to read. Sorry, dear readers, I've not forgotten you all. Just let myself slack on the blogging this month. So, what's going on with the Scotts? Let's see...

* Maggie is getting a little nicer to me. I'm not public enemy #1 quite as badly as I was three weeks ago. Of course, she still favors Daddy, but I've simply resigned myself to that is the way it is.

* Both family vacations for the year have been finalized. Sea World for a weekend with my mom (for a planning meeting for Camp Discovery, but it's a great reason to get the family to San Antonio!) and then Jackson Hole later in the summer with his side of the family for a week. We're so excited! Of course, I will also have my week gone for Camp Discovery as well.

* Heroes and Handbags is life at the HFC office. We have Houston Handbags this week and Dallas Handbags the next. Hoping for tremendous success!!

* Brandy is all healed from her leg. She still walks with a slight limp that we are told she will have for the rest of her life. She'll be seven in two weeks. I can't believe it!

* Maggie is obsessed with the twins, Baby Ella and Baby Beck. She talks about them constantly. Her teacher at school overheard her with a friend playing dolls, "Do you want to see Baby Beck and Baby Ella?" as she motioned to two baby dolls. She loves seeing them and is so gentle and sweet.

* Sure that makes me think about having another baby, especially when I see how sweet she is with the twins. No, it doesn't mean we're having another any time soon! In time, maybe. Now is not the right time for us though. However, I have been having a few more dreams about babies lately!

* I've lost 11 pounds! The Easter candy is kind of killing me right now, so I wasn't my best today. Make that 10 pounds maybe. I have a work out with my brother tomorrow at the gym. We're trying to do every Sunday. He's kicking a little booty on his weight loss--down close to 40 pounds!! I'm so proud of him.

* My dress for Houston Handbags finally fits comfortably and Deb and I shopped for a new dress for Dallas. Couldn't find a picture of it online, but I love it. A little Jackie O style. Black sheath dress, cream jacket with large buttons. I just need the big sunglasses.

* Speaking of sunglasses--Maggie likes to wear Andrew's sunglasses when she rides in his car. When she does, she laughs and says, "Hi, I COOL CLARKY!!" For those of you with Wiggle obsessed toddlers such as my little one, you will know that is a character of one of the pirates on the S.S. Feathersword. Maggie is totally into the Wiggles. We have three movies, two CDs, one t-shirt, and we watch at least an episode a day. It's bad when the parents compare which Wiggles song they had stuck in their head at the end of the day! We can't wait--the concert is Aug. 2nd here in Dallas. She will go crazy!! Tickets aren't on sale yet, but I check continuously for the date of the presale to make sure we get good seats.

* Andrew and I have been debating on whether or not the Munch can handle a movie in a theater yet. We both think she might like it, but neither of us are feeling quite that adventurous just yet.

* As always, Andrew is the rock in this household. He is the constant. He doesn't stress much, doesn't get flustered (easily making him the calmer parent), and doesn't seem bothered by the little things. He certainly doesn't "sweat the small stuff." Good thing he is married to me. Brings me a little balance. I'm the first to admit my tendency to be on the high strung side.

Well, I think that about sums it up for us right now. I'm off to bed!


Jennifer said...

Jenny, take Maggie to see Horton hears a who. Its very cute, and very age appropriate. My three year old who doesn't sit still through anything sat in his seat the whole time except for a trip to the bathroom. Its about 90 minutes long.

Have a happy Easter, hope Maggie has a fun day :)

FOH webmistress

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny~
I read often but I am not very good at commenting (guess that makes me a infamous lurker!). I love reading about Maggie and seeing her pics. She is precious.

I also had to comment about your hubs. He sounds so much like mine and I am a bit high strung as well hehe. I always say I married the right man for me because he does keep me grounded =)

Happy Easter!

Kelly said...

Wow...Maggie sounds just like my little one! Jenna is currently obsessed with The Wiggles. We are going to see them THIS THURSDAY! She has no idea and I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees and in person. In all honesty, I'm excited too. I've got a little crush on Anthony. Is that weird?

Your husband sounds a lot like mine. Except mine is more of an extrovert. He doesn't sweat the small stuff either and is the much calmer parent no doubt about it.

Have a great week!

Hollee said...

I once got a very valuable piece of advice that brought me through my own "Daddy's Girl Phase". A good friend told me, "they all BECOME Mommy's girls." So true. While I was a Daddy's girl through and through, I now call my Mom every day.

And, at three and a half, my own "Daddy's Girl" now wants Mommy as much as she wants Daddy.

Tammy said...

Jenny, just had to comment on how great you look! Are you sure you've only lost 10-11 lbs. Its really showing in your face girl! Keep up the good work, I'm jealous! Hugs from Fort Worth.

Elissa said...

Hi Jenny -
Here are some tips for the Wiggle Concert (in case you didn't know). If you bring a rose for Dorothy or a bone for Wags, the characters come into the audience to collect the items. (A great way to get up close and personal with them.) Also you can bring signs (Wake up Jeff!) or a guitar (to paly your guitar with Murray...) My little one LOVEd the experience so much we went twice in a 6 month period. It is a great show and they do a super job including the kids so they don't lose interest.

Kayeita said...

I know how you feel about blogging and not doing it... I have had an online blog in some form or another since about 1999, and the last year it's been hard for me to blog. I'm trying to just babble in there now, and get posts up, since i know people come to read it, probably for updates about my son (he has severe CP and was recently in the hospital for 2.5months and almost died from a doctor's mistake regarding his feeding tube), and that bugs me b/c it's my own blog, not only about him.

Ack sorry for the tangent in your comment, i just know how you feel. I've never commented on this blog of yours before, although I've been a reader since during Allie's story. If you ever want to read my boring blog, feel free, is where it's located!

Very cute pics of Maggie's easter! And congrats on the 11lbs lost. I've been on my own weight loss journey for about 9 months now as well, and boy is it a struggle!

Kelli said...

Hi Jenny,

You might want to consider taking Maggie to the Studio Movie Grill for a matinee. I have a 3 year old son that won't sit still for anything, so we decided to give that a try for his first movie a year ago. He did great! Sitting still to eat lunch took care of a good chunk of the movie time, and by the time he was done eating, he was so into the movie that he didn't budge until the credits rolled. Also, I believe SMG hosts a movie time once a week or month (?) for families with small children. That might help too. Whatever y'all decide, I hope y'all have fun!

Take care!

~Denise~ said...


I followed your story for a long time, but haven't been by your site in a while. What a nice surprise to find your blog. I cannot believe how grown up that lil miss Maggie is! What a beautie!

Many blessings to you all.