Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Pictures

The Easter bunny came for a hunt at Maggie's school. The school was closing at noon and the hunt was set for 11. Since Andrew had the day off, we decided to let her have an easy morning at home while i worked from the couch. Because her parents couldn't totally get it together and she had to throw a few fits, we were 15 minutes late. We ran outside to join her friends right at the tailend of the hunt. Very little eggs to be had for Maggie. There is a little girl that is allergic to most of the candy, so the mom gave some to Maggie in her basket. That's ok--she still ended up having a hunt at Ga Ga's and one at Nana's with us. And boy did she ever enjoy decorating the eggs!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Scroll down to the post from last night if you want an actual update...

Not phased that she missed the hunt. She still loved it!

Giving her favorite friend at school a little love.

With her teacher, Miss Brandi.

Getting silly while decorating the eggs.
Mama being a little silly too. yes, that is a sticker of Belle on my nose.

A pretty princess decorating her princess eggs. Have I mentioned that she only refers to herself as "Magarella?" Becuase she is a pretty princess like Cinderella, you see.

Our family.

Mama and the princess

Papa Jim and Magarella

Hunting for eggs

Tasting the yummy chocolate (which she calls "cockie")


Vickie said...

Magarella! That is sooo cute.

Melissa said...

LOL, love the name!!

My 2yr old calls herself "mine"....I think I'm in for it! LOL!

Dawn Endres said...

What a fun Easter! Great pics.

Kelly said...

I don't know why exactly...but I love the last picture. The way he is looking at her somehow just shows how much your husband adores his little girl.

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Love Magarella. Too perfect.

Chaney said...

Sweet Maggie is too cute for words. She is absolutley gorgeous.

I was curious.. can you please tell me where and Sugar went for her 2 yr pictures. That blue wall is amazing. Is it public accessible?