Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maggie Saw a Who!

In the words of Dora the Exlporer--we did it!! Tonight, we decided to go for it and head to the Studio Movie Grill tonight for a movie. I was a bit apprehensive about it, but I don't know why--girlfriend was AWESOME!! She could not have been better. We ordered popcorn and ate dinner too. She was glued to the screen. It was such a blast! I sat there watching my beautiful girl gazing at the screen with nothing but pride. How did she get so big? How did she go from the precious little tiny baby in my arms to this big girl sitting in a chair watching a movie? Oh, my how the time flies.

I was in Houston this week for Heroes and Handbags. What a HUGE success! I don't have final numbers yet, but I will say that it was incredible and I'm very pleased. Of course, when gone like that, I missed my sweet girl. Picking her up at school was such a delight today. She was with her teacher getting her face cleaned up. She didn't see me sneak in the room. I was able to sneak up and say hi to my baby. "MY MAMA!!!" she squealed as she ran into my arms and hugged me. Really, is there any better greeting? Is there any better love than that? Not for me, that's for sure. According to her teacher, she has been a bit out of sorts since I've been MIA for three days. She talked about missing her Mama and wanting to see me. I just have a few more weeks of our busy time at work, and then things will settle down. I just need to make sure my little girl feels her love from me as much as possible!

I'm whooped!! I'm exhausted from a very busy week with work and a stomach bug I caught on Monday. Time for me to crawl into bed. I have oh so much more to write about, but it will have to wait for another day.


Adrianne said...

I knew she could do it! My boys love the SMG! And Logan loved Horton Is A Who. At least that is what he calls it!! Glad you guys had fun!!

StacieM said...

I'm glad Maggie enjoyed the movie. My daugther Taylor is the same age and we still have not braved the theater. Maybe we will with this movie.

This is completely off topic but an article in O Magazine made me think of you. You have done an incredible job with HFC. I think you would be perfect for this contest if you are interested.

LaDeeda Photography said...

Love that you came home to such a wonderful welcome. I agree, nothing better! Hope you have a restful weekend.

Kelly said...

Aren't those reactions the best? It's the only reason I don't mind traveling for my job every once in a while!

Frequent lurker, first time commenter!