Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Training

4:30 this morning, a little person was wedged between us saying, "Let's get up!" We pushed it for 30 minutes, all snuggling, hugging, and kissing in the bed. Maggie was stroking my face and my hair, and I felt like the happiest mother on earth. We rolled out of bed at 5 and began getting ready to arive at 6:30 for our first training session with Team in Training. It was our first session, but the others' third, I believe, as we had a late start.

Wouldn't you know today was one of our first really cold mornings of the season! 40 degree with a very strong wind chill factoring it all in. Our group huddled together, looking at this coupled with a well bundled child snug as a bug in her jogging stroller. With my mom out of town and both parents training, our only option was to bring along the little Munchie girl.

The TNT staff member in charge of our training group was working there when I was a part time staffer years ago for the Pennies for Patients division. We spoke earlier about my sharing our story, the "Mission Moment" of the day. As we were all huddled together to shield from the wind and jumping up and down to keep warm, I knew I had to make a brief speech. I didn't get to share much about our story, just a few brief words lasting less than about three minutes. Eventually I hope to share more about Allie.

Off we went to begin our first two mile walk with the group. It was a quick realization for me that I am WAY out of shape! Walking into the wind made it difficult and keeping up with Andrew's longer strides had me running more than once to catch up. Still, we came in last out of the others training. That's ok, we still showed up and made the commitment, and I'm proud of that.

As I was feeling the cold and wishing I was snug in my bed, a vision of Allie's face came to the forefront of my mind. I want to do this to lose weight. I want to do this to bond with my husband and set a goal of something I never thought I could do. More importantly, I'm compelled to do this for a tremendous cause (to irridicate blood cancers) in memory of one gorgeous blue eyed girl. Over the next few months, I anticipate that I will be relying on her strength to guide me through the training sessions, especially as we increase mileage. Now of course, I sweetly asked Andrew if he was thinking of Allie on the walk. He responded, "I was thinking how I needed warmer clothes most of the time and I wanted out of the wind!" OK, that makes sense too!

I'm setting up our fundriasing page tomorrow. Tonight, Mag and I are heading over to babysit Deb's kids while she goes to engagement party for her younger brother. As soon as I have it set up, I'll be posting up here, you can be sure.

One training down and many more trainings to come!


Just Jac said...

What a great reason to keep going! Just remember, one step at a time girl and you will get there. The beauty of running is we all get to the finish line in our own time as long as we keep going!

momto2boys said...

Wow...that's early. Congrats on your first training!

C said...

Good Job, that is awesome. I wish I had that kind of will power. I should try something like that!!

mama2one said...

Good Job!! If you can train on one of the coldest can train anytime!!

Twisted Branches said...

Great job!! It's always hard to get started, but Allie will give you the strength you need to get through it. :)

PS...less than a week til Twilight comes out!!!!!!!!!!! Hell Yeah!