Saturday, November 22, 2008

There's cake, there's brownies, and I'm resisting it all

Night in with the girls still way better than the calories


Myshel said...

I'm looking at this brownie and you didnt eat any edges or corners!!! How do you not eat the edges and corners? They are my fav. part.

Glad you had a fun night.

Amy said...

I'll eat your share...LOL

Jen said...

Night job Jenny! I lost 70 pounds in just over a year. It's all self control and WALKING. Keep up the good work girl!

The Morgan Family said...

Congrats on the will power, girl! That's what is going to get you to the finish line! Keep it up!!

The six foot tall red head... said...

Good for you, Jenny!

Can't wait to hear what you thought of the Twilight movie!


Peggy said...

Jenny -- You rock! Thanks so much for the tip. I had checked Disney and searched for Belle, but apparently the search didn't pick up the outlet. That's the one she wants. My 3 year old will be sooo excited! What we don't do for our princesses!