Sunday, November 16, 2008

Go Away 'Kemia!!

This is Maggie's new phrase--GO AWAY KEMIA! She likes to yell it in the car now and says it when playing in her room. Why? Because we are training for Team in Training and finding a way to explain to her what we're doing. Our explanation is that we're raising money to help leukemia GO AWAY. Then we all chant--go away leukemia!

Can you help? Please visit our fundraising site and donate if you are able. Pass it along. $3,600 is our goal to meet both fundraising minimums for us. We're training from now until the big day on Sunday, April 5, 2009. I'm ready!


HollyH said...

How can you turn THAT down? Maggie is so right! Get lost, kemia!

Twisted Branches said...

Oh!! I see a future in non-profit. :) How could anyone say 'no' to her yelling 'go away kemia??!!'
I'll be donating in a few mins. Gotta find my darn purse...again. LOL

robinandamelia said...

I agree, how can you say no to that!

Anonymous said...

how cute!!! i blew the 30 days of blogging im so bad!!! Tell her we are chanting GO AWAY KEMIA!!! hope to finally meet you at the princess alexa meeting coming up... I will be driving from Ft Hood