Sunday, November 2, 2008

La Grande Fete

The dresses

The accessories

The Princess!

All the princesses participating in storytime with Belle

A brave knight protecting the princesses

Belle telling the sad story of how Cinderella was mistreated.

Belle and Maggie doing the princess pose (yes, that is costume number two, she had four costume changes last night)

Beautiful Belle--she was AWESOME!!

Girls don't have to be princesses. You can be Joan of Arc, you know

"Hey everyone--let's give Belle a BIG HUG!!"

Already bethrothed--baby Coco and a little Snuggle Bunny

Proud daddy heading out with the cake

This pic chokes me up every time

My girl

A sleepy Beck

A happy Ella

Megan and her little man

Jen, Deb, and Ella enjoying some drinks :)

Me and Amy

My mom has the magic touch--Coco has succumbed to her powers

Jaymee and John (Andrew's best friend)

Carter might be a little happy. Think the kids were having fun

Baby Convention

We might have been opening presents but there was a game on, you know (Texas vs. Texas Tech)

Quiet house, no more guests besides "Uncle John." What does a little princess do? Play video games with her daddy!


Amy said...

Absolutely precious pics! Looks like Maggie had a great party :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun princess party! So glad Maggie and everyone had so much fun!

Adrianne said...

What an awesome party!!!

Anonymous said...

cameron was looking at the pics and she says momma i want to go to that party!!! looks like you all had a good time. do they travel to fort hood area? cameron will be 7 next week :(

Mom on the Run said...

Love the video game with dad photo. I know it is not from the party, but you can tell that you have one happy kid on your hands.

My oldest went to a princess party when she was 5. There was a 13-year-old girl dressed in a princessy dress with a tiara. She had those kids mesmerized. My daughter talked about the party for weeks.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

A game...? What about THE game?

Happy belated birthday to your little princess.