Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My precocious child...don't know where she gets it from!

  • She needs three stories because she's three years old.
  • She wants to eat three "breakfast hot dogs" (pigs in a blanket) because she has three cousins.
  • At school, she MUST SIT ON THE LETTER M on the apple tree carpet. If she doesn't? Loses her business completely.
  • She organizes her shoes to display them for our friends when we have guests.
  • She's a different princess every day, often every few minutes. "Can I be Belle?" There are more costume changes in this house on an average evening then in most plays!
  • Her shoes must match her outfit.
  • Her hair-ties (yes, I call them hair-ties--whatever you call them, ponytail holders?) must match her shirt.
  • She prefers dresses/skirts most days.
  • She picks out MY shoes.
  • If she messes up an art project, such as pressing too hard and ripping the paper, she will cry hysterically and throw the paper away.
  • Her teacher starts her first on art projects because she is more meticulous than anyone else in the classroom.
  • Her dancing is hilarious--picture Elaine from Seinfeld sticking out her thumbs.
  • Her new nickname for me is "Mama Booty Pincher" as I tell her I'm going to pinch her booty to make her giggle.
  • She makes us rock her on the floor every night after stories, but before she climbs into bed.
  • Every night, she empties the contents of her toy box when she is supposed to be sleeping. Every morning, I make her help me put it all back away. It's a vicious cycle really.
  • She wants to know everyone's name and relationship. Everyone. I honestly can't tell you about the lady that just walked past us in the grocery store, Mag, sorry.
  • She won't watch regular TV--movies only. She calls them "moonies." She's killing us with Pocahontas 2 right now. Have you ever seen that crap? Terrible.
  • Every day when you pick her up and ask her what she did at school, she replies "I shared with my friends!"

Oh, my sweet Maggie love!


Greta said...

Hi! I don't post much, but wanted to comment that I love this list. I have an almost 3 year old girl (next month) and she shares many of these with Maggie. I especially like the one about wanting to know everyone's name and relationship. Clerk at Target, tollbooth operator, man walking dog, etc..... Too funny!.
And congrats on the weight loss!

Grammy2TwinBoys+1 said...

Thanks for the chuckle today, Jenny. Your girl is too much! I've never even met her but can just envision her doing all of those things. Life in the Scott household sounds quite lively! Enjoy that little toot, they grow up so fast!!!

C said...

Mine do most of the same things. The thing my 3 year old says that kills me now is 'no harm done' Where did she get that from, LOL!!

Aimee said...

My three year old niece is a movie fanatic as well. Only she can't just 'watch' the movie. She asks questions every freaking second! It gets to be real annoying after awhile. We went to her 15 year old brother's play the other night, and I told her a play is like a movie. Bad analogy, she asked questions every freaking second!
We are stuck on Ratatouille by the way. And just cause we haven't seen it more than once, doesn't mean she doesn't have questions!

Twisted Branches said...

OMG! Too cute. She is going to be a great tween/teenager. Just you wait. LOL
And Pocahontas 2 (though I call it something else which involves the word a$$) does suck. Sucks big time. :)

Elonda said...

I laughed out loud reading this. My oldest daughter was a lot like this. It was hair bow, outfit, panties, socks, shoes, cup and sometimes baby sister that all had to be coordinated. It made for some tough mornings. Our favorite at that age was Cinderella 2. I am feeling the pain of having to watch the same movie over and over.

Aly said...

What a cutie! I bet she keeps you on your toes! It's so fun to watch their personalities develop. (BTW, at our house we call hair-ties 'pretties'--lol. It was one of those things we started 13 years ago when my oldest was born and it just stuck.)

kitkat said...

i. must. meet. maggie.

Amy said...

Absolutely precious!

And yes, I feel your pain about Pocahontas. My Maggie went through that phase. I collect Disney movies, but I don't necessarily watch them all. Well, when Maggie went through her Pocahontas phase I tried to get her to watch it ANYWHERE but in the same room I was in..LOL...I hope it passes soon and she moves on to something better!

Veronica said...

I also have a newly 3 yr old daughter and I'm giggling at this list! What a cutie.