Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last Fundaising Event in 2008!

Dallas Heroes and Handbags

Houston Heroes and Handbags

5K Run/Walk

Heroes for Children Golf Classic

and tonight?

Hold'Em for Heroes!!

I'm off to raise more money for cancer families!


sarah said...

good luck

momto2boys said...

Wow, you guys must do an awesome job for these special families. On a different note, I have been reading your posts since your Caringbridge site. From your site I was following Sam Eisenberg. His mom and you seemed to have a fun friendship. I also enjoyed her posts...does she have a blog out there? If it's inappropriate for you to give her blog address I understand and apologize for asking, but if not I would enjoy checking out her blog too.

By the way...good luck with your team training. I have struggled with my weight also. My weight has gone up and down many times and it is so frustrating. My thoughts are with you and your weight loss journey. Keep us updated.

HollyH said...

hoping you had a hugely successful Hold 'Em night!!! Be sure to post the stats!