Friday, November 7, 2008

Through Dress Up and Play

I don't have much of an opportunity to volunteer for other organizations. With my work with Heroes for Children, I limit my other volunteer efforts, mainly sticking to Camp Discovery. I've recently gotten involved with the Princess Alexa Foundation. The PAF is a new nonprofit created in memory of Princess Alexa Aigner after her long battle with Neuroblastoma.

I'm so excited that we have our first board meeting tomorrow. While I don't know that I will serve on the Board of Directors, I would be honored to serve as a member of their Advisory Board. I'm looking forward to helping this group tomorrow in creating the infastructure to create something longstanding to help seriously ill children find fun in dress up and play during difficult times. I wrote recently about how I chose to get involved. Using my knowledge of creating a start up nonprofit, I hope to help guide them a little towards the right path. After four years of doing this and going into my fifth year with Heroes for Children (holy cow!!), I've learned a thing or two about running a nonprofit. An expert? I'm most certainly not the most proficient in all things nonprofit, but I know what it takes. I know what it is like to lose a child and create something meaningful in her memory, and I hope that I can use that knowledge to help the Princess Alexa Foundation achieve success. I'm so excited!

With Halloween just ending, costumes are on sale everywhere. If you are looking for an easy way to help an organization, please consider picking up a costume. The Foundation is building a large dress up closet of NEW costumes for Children's Medical Center. The goal is to have close to 2,000 outfits for boys and girls of all sizes when it is launched. You have the ability to help us reach our goal. Please visit the website and see how you can help out.

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