Friday, November 28, 2008

For the Twilight Fans

A Review--

Sunday, I went with friends to see the much anticipated Twilight film.

Some thoughts....

The characters--

Bella was perfect. She had the manneurisms down. She had the look and the voice I had in my head. And she was believable.

Edward--yes. Like many prepubescent teens, I too am fairly smitten with a vampire.

Alice--the hair was right, the perky attitude was right. The ideal casting choice.

Rosalie--really? She is the epitome of beauty? She is the most gorgeous girl in the room? Am I missing something?

Emmett--Hilarious. Loved his timing and his attitude. Loved Emmett.

Jasper--Did the actor study Edward Scissorhands before he took the part? He was seriously creepy. Every time he cocked his head to the side, I laughed. I know it was supposed to be his restraint and the struggle he had with wanting human blood, but it just came across comedic, not like a vampire.

Esme--Gorgeous. She exuded the love and compassion Esme is known for.

Carlisle--Ever see the movie Can't Hardly Wait? The actor that plays Mike Dexter (Andrew always refers to him as the "Tom Cruise wannabe") is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle is supposed to be the smoothest vampire. One that the mere sight of him makes women just melt and become completely befuddled. They swoon. Instead, when Carlisle walked into the room for the first time, Angela and I busted out LAUGHING. So much so that people started looking at us as we were trying our damndest to stifle our giggles.

Charlie--Exactly what I pictured.

Jacob Black--Is it just me or is his teeth unnaturally white? Otherwise, I have no beef with Jacob. However, I don't know if I really want to sit through New Moon--that's a lot of Jacob.

James--The tracker. Angela might have ruined it for me when she leaned over and asked, "Is it just me or does James look like Bucky from American Idol?" That did it and I was singing bad country music in my head.

The movie--

As always, the book was better. There have been very few movies where I have been able to say that I enjoyed the movie more than the book. Very, very few. No exception here. The book is detailed. If I stepped into the movie without reading the book, I might have felt as though I was missing some important element. Some further details that would make me understand Edward's actions or Bella's self consciousness.

I love the scene in the trees.

I felt disappointed with the image of Edward in the sun. If it wasn't for the sound effects of the shimmering lights, I might not have really noticed all that much. They didn't have it in the meadow, taking away the magnitude of this moment for Bella and Edward.

The vampire house--breathtaking. I saw it as a white house in my head, not sure why.

From the baseball scene on, I was hooked. It made the movie. The fight scene in the ballet kept me on the edge of my seat. Once Bella is bitten by James in the book, you really don't get a description of the writhing agony she is experiencing. You most definitely see that in the movie and it brings a new visual and understanding of what Bella is going through.

Good chemistry between Bella and Edward.

The conclusion--

I didn't love it, but I liked it. I will most likely watch it again when it comes to video.


The six foot tall red head... said...

Hi Jenny,

ITA with your review of the movie. I felt like the whole first part of the book, the little things that happened between them, was rushed soooo much in the book. It really took away from the depth of the relationship, in my opinion. But, overall, it was pretty good and I would see it again.


lifeofadancer312 said...

Hey Jenny,

I'm delurking to comment on this post :)

I totally agree with what you said about the movie! I loved it, but the book was totally better. I especially agree with what you said about Rosalie and the sun scene with Edward!

Happy late Thanksgiving!
-The Dancer

(The Nanny's little sister)

Pipsylou said...

Ha! I posted a review, too...but yours was far kinder, Jenny! :)

Leslie said...

Your review was right on Jenny! I liked the movie and will watch it again, but there is nothing like a great book and your own imagination.

kitkat said...

I totally agree with you!! James, check out the guy who plays him without the long hair, total hottie(i think so anyway)! I agree that some key points were left out!! Cullen house, white in my head too!! I'm going to see it again in a few weeks, Alia wants to see it.

Again, SO glad we got to hang out today! We must start getting together more often!

Dee said...

Like you I liked it. Loved the baseball scene. Although at times it really sounded like Both bella and Edward were stumbling to remember their lines. Did anyone else notice that Ben and Angela are now Angela and Eric in the movie?

mum1228 said...

I just wanted to add that if you like this you might like the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. There are 8 books in the series with the 9th coming out in May 09. These are the books that Trueblood is based on. They are great and I'm hooked.

Robin said...

Just finished reading the book on my vacation. I can't see a movie first then read a book, so had to read it before seeing the movie!! Thanks for the review.

Momto13 said...

So my daughters were smitten by these books and I had to go see the movie with them- and then I was hooked! What a romantic story and yumm... vampires- who would have known? (Ok so once upon a time I had a thing for vampires in the Lost Boys) lol
The house is mentioned in the book as a white house, so I can see that. I totally agree about Carlisle and Jasper- oh my- hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing each time he came on the screen.
I did go back and see it a 2nd time after I finished the first book... and I liked it less but it was still good.
Thanks for your insight!!